Frank Advice for Life

Make sure you memorize a codeword that only you know. That way if someone visits you claiming to be your future self, it should be easy for him to identify himself.

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The 12 Days of O-Mas

Basil took the song that we wrote over at tWits a few days ago & made an illustrative video (that’s not him singing, though–that’s me).

[Direct YouTube link]

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Incriminating Excerpts from the Climategate E-Mails

Those Climategate e-mails are pretty bad for climate science. Here are some of the most incriminating excerpts I’ve found:

“We need volunteers to help strangle baby polar bears so we can leave their corpses out for great photos on the devastation of global warming.”

“Because of the increased scrutiny, we’re going to have to ask you all to stop using Ouija boards to confirm your findings.”

“As I was unable to get the journal to not publish the denialist’s paper, I kidnapped the publisher’s family to force him to comply. Anyone have a place I can hide them?”

“I saw the latest Al Gore speech on climate change and he didn’t say one thing that was even remotely true. I think his brain his fried. Can we blame that on global warming?”

“One of the denialists found out that the data for my conclusive proof of global warming was corrupted because cats like to lay on the temperature sensors. We may need to redefine “peer review” to keep his paper from being published. Also, when in science is it okay to murder?”

“I can’t get a publisher for my scifi novel about a post-apocalyptic future. I think I’ll just see if I can get it published in a journal as a scientific prediction on what will happen from global warming.”

“The data seems to suggest that most of the warming comes from some large heat source that floats over the earth daily. What the hell could that be?”

“It ends up one of the glaciers is melting because we left a space heater on it. We need to go fetch it and kill the Eskimos who saw it.”

“Yes, the computer simulation I’ve been running is actually Halo, but we’re all so sure about climate change so why should I waste my time doing boring programming when I can play Halo?”

“So how long until we should say the earth is doomed if people don’t do as we tell them? If we use too short a time, people will think we are already doomed and not do anything, and if we use too long a time they won’t care. I’m going with ten years. That’s worked well for the last twenty years.”

“Ends up the report we’ve been touting lately wasn’t made by scientists but by escapees from the insane asylum who got their hands on white lab coats. In our defense, they looked very sciencey. As always, tell no one.”

“On second thought, delete all e-mails that reference Al Gore. Let’s pretend we don’t know him.”

“I got an idea to really illustrate to the public the dangers of global warming: Let’s set an orphanage on fire and blame it on increased temperatures. If anyone knows some good accelerants, please share. Yay! Science is fun!”

“So we all agree we are now so certain about global warming we don’t need to waste time collecting data and can just make the numbers up?”

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Random Thoughts

Does Obama use the teleprompter to know what to say or does the teleprompter use Obama to give itself voice?

My wife watches Red Eye every day; it’s her Oprah.

I bought my wife a car, so she let me get one of those extra big Reese’s peanut butter cups.

Does Google Wave have a “Getting Started” or a “What the Hell Is This?”? More pages should have a WTHIT.

I think Google Wave is supposed to be the next e-mail or something except I don’t remember being confused about what e-mail did.

In real life, I bet John Lithgow could beat up Sylvester Stallone.

The difference between climate change science and sorcery is sorcery doesn’t try to the fix the peer preview process.

There are also other differences if I’m being completely honest.

I trust science. I distrust scientists. Though, scientists were made by science according to scientists’ science.

I trust ice cream.

To help combat faulty science, stores should check that someone has a PhD before selling him a white lab coat.

Looks like the USPS lost my last shipment of comic books. I think we can now safely say that Obama’s federal government is a failure. Say what you want about Bush, he made the comic books come on time.

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What I’m Thankful For

I have a special Thanksgiving Day column up at Pajamas Media.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Going to take the rest of the week off, so enjoy Thanksgiving. Be thankful for this great country and how it’s so strong it can still be super awesome even when we have dumb stupid presidents. And I’ll see you next week. And, just because pretty much everyone is posting it, here are the Muppets singing Bohemian Rhapsody:

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Obama is so useless and incompetent as president that…

…the turkey he pardoned immediately went back to doing the same crimes that got it sentenced to execution in the first place.

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In the GMail

Obama wrote me back to my e-mail from the other day:


I know change is scary and confusing, but that doesn’t mean you should direct all your cracker rage at me. I’m sorry you had plans for your money, but we don’t all get what we want. What’s more important is that I get what I want which is what the country needs. We all other than me have to make sacrifices. And I borrowed your golf clubs.

President Obama

Graaah! What a jerk! Here’s what I wrote back:


YOU’RE THE CRACKER!!! You don’t have any plans! You don’t even know what’s in those bills! And you don’t get what you want, which is to not suck so much! What this country needs is for you to announce to everyone, “I’m a stupid dummy dumb.” And then you should resign and get a job more to your skill level like Walmart greeter.

And you should have asked before taking my golf clubs! I need those to control the local squirrel population!

-Frank J.

I told him good. Hopefully he’ll resign now and return my clubs.

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Frank Advice for Life

Get an old chest and put explosives in it and set a trigger so the explosives will go off when the chest is opened. Then bury the chest in a middle of nowhere making sure to note its location. Now, if you’re ever captured by pirates, you can tell them to spare your life and you’ll lead them to buried treasure. I think the rest is pretty self-explanatory.

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Random Thoughts

New Moon is just a ripoff of Teen Wolf.

Palin seems unelectable, but I thought Hillary was unelectable and warmed up to her in 2008.

All of Palin’s faults are known, and that’s actually an advantage in some ways.

Great way to try the terrorists: If their face can stop a bullet, they’re not guilty.

I’m still not sure what “smokehouse” almonds are, but I know I must consume them throughout the day to be productive.

Things I will pay higher taxes for: Getting military proper support overseas. Things I will not pay higher taxes for: Anything else.

Real cause of global warming: Scientist yelling, “I believe in global warming!” and clapping their hands.

A great way to protest the Vs would be to wear V for Vendetta masks… or would that be showing support?

Navy SEALs should not punch terrorists in the face unless they put it on YouTube.

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