If This Works Out, We Get To Vote For Zombie Reagan in 2012

Malaise in America:

Hostages in Iran:

Lust in his heart:

Rabbit attacks:

Anyone else see what I see?:

[Horrifying image via AfterMath, home of many excellent conservative photoshopped images]

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  1. Okay, color me stupid, but I don’t understand the “lust in his heart” reference. I understand the others (Carter was responsible for a nationwide malaise that he complained about, Carter dithered while there were hostages in Iran, Carter was attacked by a swamp rabbit while in a boat.) But I didn’t know that he was known for being lecherous…


  2. YES!!!

    A Zombie Gipper at the top of the 2012 ticket with a Zombie Duke Wayne for VPOTUS followed by a Zombie Teddy Ballgame Williams for SECDEF! (Remember Teddy Ballgame was a fighter pilot in BOTH WWII AND Korea!)


  3. I’m sure there are other similarities. Tested it by comparing First Ladies, but no go, there. Carter’s had a good rep for being nice and proper. A SNL spoof of her had her saying, “People can’t picture me going to the bathroom.” Meanwhile, the imagination question for Obama’s would likely be wondering if she daintily extends a pinky while eating her Gagh.



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