In My World: Not Smart Honky

Posted on January 12, 2010 12:04 pm

President Obama stood before the press next to Senator Reid. “I want you to know that I fully forgive Reid for his remarks about my skin color and black dialect–”

“‘Negro’ dialect,” Reid corrected.

“Yes, that. Anyway, he is forgiven and we can get away from this distraction to the important business of the American people.”

Obama and Reid then headed into the White House. As soon as they were inside and the doors were closed, Obama started violently smacking Reid about the head. “Dumb honky!”

“Ahh! Why are you so angry?!” Reid cried. “Was your welfare check late?”

Obama smacked Reid even harder. “For the last time, it’s a government paycheck, not a welfare check! Dumb honky! Now get out of here!”

Reid started to flee for the door, but stopped just before leaving and quickly pulled his wallet out of his suit jacket and then put it back.

Obama ran over and started smacking him again. “Did you just check whether your wallet was still there? Dumb honky! Every time I try to do anything, there always has to be honkies ruining it!”

Reid kept trying to cover his head. “This is why I’m scared of black people!”

Obama kept smacking him. “You only think you’re scared! I will make you scared! Now get out of here!”

Reid got out the door and ran off. Then Vice President Biden entered the room. “Mr. President, we need–”

Obama ran over and started smacking Biden. “Dumb honky!”

“What did I say?!”

Obama kept smacking him. “Nothing yet, but knowing you, you were about to so I decided I might as well get started.”

“You’re crazier than a yellow chinaman!”


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18 Responses to “In My World: Not Smart Honky”

  1. motopolitico says:

    The long expected return of In My World. Thanks.

  2. Ussjimmycarter says:

    Excellent work! Have missed In My world!

  3. Live Free Or Die says:

    “In My World, everything would be nonsense.”—Alice, in Wonderland
    “Well I never heard it before, but it sounds uncommon sense.”—Mock Turtle
    “We’re all mad here.”—Cheshire Cat

  4. Live Free Or Die says:

    Biden, to Harry Reid: ” He’s in a black mood today, let’s go have lunch at the Cracker Barrel.”

  5. storm1911 says:

    In My World is back!!! Yeah !!!

    Harry Reid. “The jig is up. I’ll make it up by cooin over a bucket o’ fried chicken to the White House.”

  6. Anna says:

    This may have been your best post ever. Nice one, Frank. I cannot stop picturing it and cracking up.

  7. Rick says:

    Very funny

  8. Silicon Valley Jin says:

    it’s a government paycheck, not a welfare check

    There’s a difference?

  9. Silicon Valley Jim says:

    Oh, dear; mis-spelled my own name there.

  10. IH8Socialist says:

    After reading this post I now have to clean soda of my screen and keyboard. I loved the welfare check part.

  11. JPHouston says:

    Frank, you left out the part where Reid rushes down the White House steps only to discover during a second search that his wallet is now missing.

  12. NO_MO_BAMA says:

    I’m pretty sure George Jefferson is the only one allowed to say honky (Firefox says honky is a word….but Obama isn’t…still :D)

  13. zzyzx says:

    Actually H. Reid has a valid argument, for example….Obama answering phone: Hello this is President Obama, who is this please? On the other Flavor-Flave answering the phone: Yo! Dis iz Flava-Flave, who dis!?

  14. shiggz says:

    I know we complain about the double standard on the media. One upside is at least someone like Joe Biden or Harry Reid would never survive 10 minutes of a political run for republican dog-catcher. I do still find it hilarious that the left literally has in Biden what they have been trying to cartoon caricature Bush and Quayle like for years.

  15. Terry_Jim says:

    Harry Reid-
    A typical.

  16. shaggydave says:

    About time imw came back! Not very realistic though, even by IMAO standards. Obama’s too much of a nancy boy to be able to slap a preteen girl around, let alone a grown man. On the other hand though, we are talking about Harry Reid.

  17. Rickur says:

    Dumb Honky Frank! It’s not “smacking” it’s “bitchslap”…dumb honky!

  18. ccoffer says:

    As a member of the Smart Honkie community (I won’t even go into how insulting the slur “honky” is to us as a people) I find your parody hateful and frankly beneath contempt. My Smart Honkie ancestors came to these shores hundreds of years ago in hopes of having the freedom to both think and honk. Their thinking and honking are responsible for making this great nation you now call home.

    You’re welcome.

    If you can read this, thank a Honkie.

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