Government-mandated health care explained so even a liberal can understand it

George Will explains a problem with government-mandated health care in a way that even a liberal can understand:

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Excerpt transcript:

One question: If the government came to you and said, “Professor Krugman, you have a car. We’re going to compel you to buy a more expensive car, but it’s not really more expensive because it’s a better car.” Wouldn’t you tell them to get off your land?

I wish I had thought of that.

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Maybe people would listen if Obama said “I inherited this Democratic Senate”

Barack Obama keeps saying he inherited problems. And, the statistics show that, just maybe, he did.

Look at this graph from the Bureau of Labor.

[Source: Bureau of Labor]

Notice that unemployment was on its way up before he took office. It looks like Obama did inherit rising unemployment.

But then, take the statistics from this source — the Unites States Senate — showing which party controlled the Senate, and apply it to that graphic.

What do you get? This:

[Source: American Thinker]

So, when you go to criticize Barack Obama for his dismal performance, keep in mind that it’s not just his fault. It’s the Democrats’ fault.

And the fault of those that keep electing Democrats.

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IM Updated

Thanks to SarahK, IMAO has finally updated its WordPress version. Hopefully this will solve some issues we’ve been having such as some people not being able to see comments. If anything is out of place, please tell me… unless it’s something minor I wouldn’t care about. Then don’t bother me with it.

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Doctor Al Gore

Another award for Al Gore

The University of Tennessee, fresh off banning of ownership of handguns by student-athletes, ups its moonbattery status by awarding Al Gore with an honorary doctorate.

The degree – an Honorary Doctor of Laws and Humane Letters in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology – will be given to Gore at the spring commencement exercises of the College of Arts and Sciences on May 14, where he will be the featured speaker.

“Why?” you ask. Let’s see what UT Knoxville Chancellor Jimmy G. Cheek said:

“Vice President Gore’s career has been marked by visionary leadership, and his work has quite literally changed our planet for the better,”

No, this isn’t a joke. He was serious when he said it. Really.

Now, I’m not saying that Gore shouldn’t be given an award or a degree. I’m just not sure that the degree he’s getting is most appropriate.

What awards and degrees should Al Gore have?

  • Nobel Prize in Literature (Fiction)
  • Bachelor of Settled Science
  • Hugo Award
  • Doctor of Asshattery
  • Master of Arrogance
  • Academy Award for Acting … Like An Idiot

I’m sure there are many other awards and degrees that Al Gore should possess.

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IMAO Reader Theater: “john mccain and harry reid”

Chris (walkingdead) presents: “john mccain and harry reid”

[Xtranormal direct link]

Take a hippie-punch at fame by creating your own IMAO-worthy video at Xtranormal (“If you can type, you can make movies“). Send a link to and I’ll give it a look. If it isn’t obscene (IMAO is a PG-13 site) and it doesn’t suck too terribly bad, I’ll post it and let the readers throw roses and/or tomatoes at you.

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Real Members of Congress

PJTV won’t let you embed their videos. Or, they won’t let me embed this one. Mean ole PJTV.

Oh, Scott Ott and Zo did this one. So, you know it is teh awesome!

[Click to view]
[Click to view in a new tab/window]

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Coffee Party

It started as a joke.

But then, many on the left are a joke. Which explains the lack of a sense of humor.

But there is a left-wing response to the Tea Party. It’s the Coffee Party (tip: OTB). Really. Okay, maybe they do have a sense of humor. Because I’m laughing.

And, they’ve already had their first meeting:

[Direct link]

I’m thinking that Kraft Foods wouldn’t let them use the name “Kool-Aid Drinkers.”

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Maybe the University of Tennessee will change it’s mascot, too

What is it with the SEC? Or the politics of the states having schools in the SEC?

First, the University of Mississippi drops Colonel Reb as its mascot. Now, the University of Tennessee has banned student-athletes from owning guns.

This comes after some pot-smoking basketball players were found with handguns that had altered serial numbers.

So, how does the school respond? Banning drugs? Throwing idiots off the team? No, they ban guns. Stupid athletic director.

Oh, and then there’s the whole Second Amendment thing. But let’s suppose we ignore that for a second. (After all, many on the left do it all the time. It’s used to being ignored.)

Let’s look at the school itself. The University of Tennessee. What’s the school’s nickname? The Pundits? No, that’s not it.

The Moonshiners? Nah.

The ‘Possums? That’s not right.

Hound Dogs? Nope.

The Volunteers? Yes, that’s it! The Volunteers. Because Tennessee’s nickname is “The Volunteer State.”

Now, how did they get that name? Wouldn’t have anything to do with the War of 1812, would it?

…when President James Madison called on Tennessee to help defend the “Lower Country,” Tennesseans volunteered en masse, earning the nickname “The Volunteer State.” Tennessee Governor Willie Blount was asked to send 1,500 troops for the defense of the lower Mississippi region and an expedition under the command of Andrew Jackson, major general of the Tennessee militia, was outfitted in December 1812.

You think that maybe left-wing nutcases think the “Volunteer State” nickname came about from registering voters?

What will happen when they discover that the “Volunteer” nickname is from gun-owners offering to help defend others?

Maybe they’ll want to change the mascot.

How about the Dumbasses?

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Georgia’s new state bird

First, in Mississippi, there’s the mascot change at the University of Mississippi.

Now, in Georgia, somebody wants to change the State Bird. Right now, the Brown Thrasher is the state bird. I learned that in Georgia History class back in the 8th grade. But, quite honestly, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen one.

There’s a fellow in Augusta who wants to change the state bird … to the chicken.

Now, sure, chickens account for $15-billion a year to the state’s economy. But, really, is the chicken the best representation for the state? Having grown up in Georgia, I have some ideas.

The mosquito

The house fly

The Sand Gnat

The buzzard

The Obama Bird

There may be better suggestions for the state bird of Georgia. Perhaps for other states, too.

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IMAO Reader Theater: “W channels Aragorn”

Elwin presents: “W channels Aragorn”

Yeah, I miss him yet.

[Xtranormal direct link]

Take a hippie-punch at fame by creating your own IMAO-worthy video at Xtranormal (“If you can type, you can make movies“). Send a link to and I’ll give it a look. If it isn’t obscene (IMAO is a PG-13 site) and it doesn’t suck too terribly bad, I’ll post it and let the readers throw roses and/or tomatoes at you.

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Right Here, Buddy

Obama said he will be looking for “significant movement, not just gestures” in the coming weeks from Republicans.

Oh… I’ve got a gesture for YOU, Mr. President:

Sorry, my mouth was itchy.

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The Hill They’re Going to Die On

So are Democrats really going to try to shove their health care bill down everyone’s throats through reconciliation? The American people have made it abundantly clear they don’t want that mess, but the Democrats seem so eager to pass the bill despite the fact that they aren’t even sure what’s in it. Considering the potential political fallout, I guess that shows the Democrats are principled — except the principle seems to be the American people are stupid and shouldn’t make their own choices, so it’s kinda hard to admire. A suicide bomber is principled, too, but again gets no admiration from me.

Personally, I don’t think they’ll be able to find fifty-one Democrat Senators willing to pull the trigger on this and be held accountable. What do you think?

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Health Care as a Distraction

You ever think maybe it was the generals in charge of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that got Obama interested in working on health care? When Obama came into office, he had two wars to deal with and a failing economy, so why spend all his time on a total distraction? Maybe at first Obama went to the generals and was like, “I got all these neat ideas on how to do the wars completely differently. They’re all outlined in these notebooks right here; the one with unicorn on front is about Iraq and the one with the kitties on front is about Afghanistan.”

And the generals were like, “Here is a ball, Obama; perhaps you’d like to bounce it.”

And Obama went to play with the ball, but the generals knew that wouldn’t keep him occupied for long. So then they told him, “Hey, I bet health care really needs your help right now.”

And Obama was like, “But isn’t this other stuff more important?”

And the generals were like, “No, nothing is more important than health care; you should spend all your time on that.”

And Obama was like, “I’m really smart, so I’ll go do that! I have this new notebook with ponies on the front where I’ll write down all my ideas! I’ll write the biggest bill ever!” And then he scampered off to work on health care and stayed out of the generals’ hair. So I’m not saying blame the military for this health care stuff, but it sure has worked to their benefit.

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Idea to Try to Build a Consensus Between Conservatives and Liberals

Here’s an idea of maybe how to make a common cause with liberals on the idea of small government:

Okay, we think the Democrats in Congress are completely useless morons. And liberals think that the Republicans in Congress are stupid and evil. So both conservatives and liberals are agreed that the government is full of people who make really bad decisions. So isn’t the logical solution to put these people in charge of as little as possible? If liberals disagree, why do they want the Republicans, who could quite likely be in the majority again, to be able to make all these decision for them? I know liberals just want to get rid of Republicans, but they have to realize by now that’s just ice skating uphill and they’ll always be a significant portion of the decision-makers.

Unless I’m missing something, small government seems like the best course of action for two sides that think Congress is full of idiots.

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Random Thoughts

Democrats are a lot like sparkly vampires in that a lot of women like them but they just confuse and irritate most men.

Did someone say dead sister’s teeth? Pass Obamacare now!

Wait? Obama is president? I thought it was still Bush! Confused!

I am not sure whether to hand over health care to a clearly incompetent government. Need more anecdotes involving dead sister’s teeth.

Will health care reform mean we’ll finally have medical treatments to stop vampires from sparkling?

Ow! Dead sister’s teeth bit me!

The more people see congress arguing, the more they’ll realize they should be put in charge of as little as possible.

Kinda sounds like Obama put extra lotion on his hands in preparation for taking his gloves off.

Will be weird if the gold medal match in curling is between the Swiss and the Swedes because half the time I think they’re the same people.

So when will my health care be free? Will it include dental?

Odds are this is the first time this sentence has been written in all of human history.

I one day hope to be able to produce an applicable Bible quote to any situation as easily as I can an applicable Simpsons quote.

Just thought of a nickname for terrorist Tony Almeida from last season of 24: “Tony al Qaeda”. So obvious! But too late.

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