becum a lefty an lern to spel gud

Nick Jacob snapped some photos Thursday at a protest at the University of Washington (tip: Gateway Pundit). Here’s my favorite:

More pictures are here.

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  1. well they say the best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter. something i’ve always wondered, how is it that being a college student seems to make you such a god damn idiot? i don’t remember being that way. i thought the reason they were going to college was to make more money/wealth. again, do they even think?

  2. Lots of “tax the rich” signs. If their education is in such great peril, why no offers to pay more taxes themselves, or maybe “Save Education – Cut Spending Elsewhere”? Rhetorical question.

  3. Wait, did you tell the main, FrnakJ, personality you were going to make fun of someone’s spelling?

    My favorite part of the signs is the way it was misspelled and the students “fixed” it by adding the “E”.

    That’s funny.

  4. Give doz pour kids a brake, their probly only in theyre’ 3nd year and that wasn’te on the teste.

    You do’nt take advance’d spelting till you get to gradyate skhool, and how are they supose to get thier if its’ are not free?

  5. What gets me is that they would actually carry signs that had to be manually “corrected.” (I would not carry a misprinted sign, correctly corrected or not.)

    Then, I realized that they were proud of the fact that they had ciphered out how to “correct” the mistake.

    The liberal brain proudly at work.

  6. “This misspellled sign brought to you by”. They were too busy protesting the National Spelling Bee Championship,
    for exploiting child labor, to learn to spell.

  7. Ha Stephen, another person said the same thing.

    But really, these are Liberals, Marxists, Anarchists, Socialists, etc. You’re giving them far too much credit in terms of their ability to be clever and use irony.

  8. University of Washington
    Its operating budget for fiscal year 2005 was $3.1 billion.
    42,907 students

    therefore, they spend $72,249 per student per year.
    And these people think they should pay LESS??
    I guess they can do math about as well as they can spell.

  9. How ironic that these “students” are so woefully uneducated by these same universities about how freedom/capitalism works that they don’t understand that the way to have an affect on how much a company charges for their product is to not buy it…holding misspelled signs, while continuing to buy the company’s product, is just dumb.

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