A New Democrat Strategy

Posted on July 28, 2010 1:03 pm

Instead of just running against Bush, the Democrats have a new strategy to tie the GOP to the Tea Parties. So the Democrats really think everyone will be like, “Oh no! They’re going to cut government! I’m going to vote for more awesome Democrat leadership!”

As for the GOP, I think their strategy will be to tie Democrats the current state of the country. They’ll say to the American people, “The Democrats have controlled Congress for four years and been completely in charge for two, and just look at the country. LOOK AT IT!!”

And the American people will break down sobbing and be like, “No! Don’t make us look at it!”

And the GOP will be like, “LOOK AT IT!!!!”

And the American people will be like, “Please! We’ll vote for you! Just don’t make us look at it!”

What exact horrible thing are the Democrats going to claim the Tea Party is going to do? Nuke their own country, because that’s still not quite the level of devastation the Democrats have already wreaked upon us.

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9 Responses to “A New Democrat Strategy”

  1. Son of Bob says:

    Unfortunately, I think the Republican strategy will continue to be for John Boehner and Mitch McConnell to remain useless and ineffective.

  2. coldguy says:

    The Tea Party will cut government down to size. With less government in the way, people will be forced to take responsibility for themselves and their families. The Horror!!!!!

  3. Proud Infidel says:

    Don’t forget we can expect the liberal mainstream media to help them along by reminding people that anyone who dares to criticize Obama is a racist, the Tea Party’s is where the Nazis who escaped after WWII wound up and that it’s all Bush’s fault the asteroid hit the Earth and wiped out those poor dinosaurs who only wanted to come to America for a better life.

  4. MarkoMancuso says:


  5. Genghis Khen says:

    So, pretty much like rubbing a dog’s nose in his own crap.

  6. zzyzx says:

    If we’re going to nuke our own country may I suggest we start with ‘Frisco.

  7. Burmashave says:

    Reminds me of the only decent bit from a 1979 movie starring George C. Scott:

    Scott (screaming in a movie theater): “Turn it off! Turn if off! TURN IT OFF! TURN IT OFF!”


    (safe for work except for one obscenity)

  8. 4of7 says:

    “We acknowledge and bewail our manifold sins and wickedness, Which we, from time to time, most grievously have committed, By thought, word, and deed, Against thy Divine Majesty, Provoking most justly thy wrath and indignation against us. We do earnestly repent, And are heartily sorry for these our misdoings; The remembrance of them is grievous unto us; the burden of them is intolerable.”
    – The Book of Common Prayer, 1928

    …Just don’t make us look at it!

  9. Veeshir says:

    The tea partiers want to take over so they can leave us alone.

    And for that they can never be forgiven.

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