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My guess on McCain speech to conservatives as soon as he wins primary: “Now yer gonna squeal like a pig!”

Americans are deciding to stop listening to people who won’t listen to them.

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  1. Americans are deciding to stop listening to people who won’t listen to them.

    John McCain listens to his people. Really, he does. The trouble comes when he starts laughing at them while he’s trying to film campaign ads. Can you imagine how many takes they needed for this one ? I know I broke down.

  2. I do not. My respect for his sacrifices restrains me from making cracks about his cranky old man ways, and makes clear to me that he really thinks he’s doing the right thing. However, his bizarre set of positions suggests that he has bought into many things which are spurious at best, and has become part of the establishment rather than the solution. Send him home. Courteously.

  3. My hope now is that McCain will drop dead from natural causes (I really hope that he isn’t immortal like some people believe) between now and November.

    Seriously though, currently, this just feels like a repeat of 2008. R. Glassman is basically the equivalent of Obammy, an empty suit making empty promises of hope and change with no real experience or talent. McCain usually seems to run just fine against Republicans (surprise, surprise) but has extreme difficulty running against liberal Democrats (hard to fight against someone you agree with). I figured the RNC would have learned something from the 2008 elections, but if McShame is the best they can field, perhaps they deserve to lose? Unfortunately, I predict Glassman winning with 52.9% vs McCaint with 45.7% of the votes. History has a nasty habit of repeating itself.

    -Disgruntled AZ Voter

  4. Why do the Republicans keep backing these “moderate” fake conservatives? I think the RNC needs a good face punching. America can’t last much longer with American-hating dems only blocked by wimpy a@@ed Republicans. Time to go all Dirty Harry on them. Or Frank J. You don’t want to mess with Frank J.

  5. IF the RepublicOn Party cannot get rid of “Senator” John McCain then it has no chance of ever winning a national election again, nor should it. Period!

    I suggest either sending McCain to Mars as a US Ambassador or putting him in a row boat somewhere very far from shore like the middle of the Atlantic where he can’t hurt us again.

  6. Shiggz RT 4 2day

    The Marxists are beginning an old ritual something they always do when faced with failing policies, find someone to blame and right now they are choosing Obama. Marxism has survived the collapse of Stalin and Mao etc.. by becoming more as a anti-western/Utopian religion then as a serious political philosophy.

    This is why they never collectively decide to examine the policies themselves. In their minds “they just haven’t found the magical person yet who can succeed where all other practitioners have failed.”That much of the 2009 American left truly believed that the likes of Biden, Reid, and Pelosi supported by Soros could make “command and control economies” and “government selected redistribution” work I think speaks volumes to the “crisis of faith” in their religion.

  7. Crazy is repeating the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result. Arizona is crazy for electing John McRINO over and over again and expecting a different result. Or perhaps Arizona is a RINO state.

  8. Hostage? What hostage? What is the demanded ransom? Private funding (if not guaranteed to never see returns because of tax-happy idiots) will jump at anything that has actual potential. No one’s stopping anyone, though the marxists sure are trying.

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