What Patriotism Means to Me

So I guess it’s unpatriotic to make fun of the overpriced lemon that is the Chevy Volt, according to Governor Granholm. The left does seem to question people’s patriotism about really stupid things (if you don’t like paying taxes, you’re unpatriotic!), but I guess that’s just because they don’t understand it. Among themselves, they use patriotism as an insult. “You think the U.S. is better than all other countries? How uncouth!” Newsweek ($6 an issue, $1 a company) recently ranked countries and put the U.S. as 11th, because sophisticated liberals are supposed to know that there are lots of better countries than the U.S. That’s why Obama bragged about not wearing a flag pin. Really, all they know about patriotism is that the red state rubes find patriotism important, so they ineptly try to use that against them.

To help liberals understand, maybe we can all describe what patriotism means to us. I’ll start out:


…love of freedom.

…rugged individualism.

…tapping the best in human potential.

…gun; lots of guns.

…putting a hippie through a plate glass window (rhetorically).

…putting a hippie through a plate glass window (literally).

…cool explosions.

…finally getting dictators what’s coming to them.

…not being European.


So what does patriotism mean to you?

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  1. *Sitting around the dinner table with my family every night.

    *Going to work every day with a smile on my face and a will to persevere, not whiny-lipped like a liberal or not showing up at all like a hippie.

    On a different note, Frank, why are there Twilight ads all over when I click on this post? Twilight is so gay.


  2. …Pursuing happiness as I define it.

    …Openly calling people, places, or things I don’t like gay or retarded, as applicable.

    …Eating all the meat I can kill.

    …Voting fo the most conservative candidate on the ballot.


  3. * Watching commies heads explode when a terrorist gets kicked in the noots.

    * States rights, even commiefornisatans.

    * Dunking trial lawyers with lots of lead on their feet.

    * Charging higher prices for endangered species at restaurants.

    * Using global warming alrmists for heat in the cold of winter.

    * Hunting deer, elk, and islamic terrorists


  4. To me, patriotism is being proud of the fact that…

    * America is the richest, toughest, most free, most innovative, most successful nation in the history of the world.

    * Our military has never lost a war (as opposed to traitorous hippies and dem politicians in Vietnam).

    * We were the first modern democracy, and still are the most freedom loving country in the world.

    * We invented baseball, basketball, and most importantly, football. Other countries are too gay to even play football.

    Mostly though, it’s recognizing that we’re the greatest country ever, and being incredibly proud of that fact (as opposed to appologizing for it, like liberal douches).


  5. * nuclear f*cking weapons in OUR hands, not THEIRS

    * meritocracy

    * being able to travel the world over, but always come home to the best country (regardless of what NewsWeak says)

    * getting to introduce my cousins from Germany to Carolina BBQ and Pillsbury Cinammon Rolls, and having them declare The United States to be superior in food, if not in beer

    * being a ballerina who’s never considered defecting

    * getting to read IMAO


  6. Blowing off a TSA screener asking about the batteries in my freeking razor to get the attention of a trio of U.S. Army soldiers just to say “Thank You”

    If I have to remove one more article of clothing just to get on a flight I swear I’m just going to show up at check-in wearing only a kilt, properly, held in place with just a brass pin.


  7. Being able to live in a country where it’s perfectly fine to step out my back door, light up a bottle rocket, and aim it at the nearest squirrel. At the proper hours of the day, of course.

    That, and what Iowa Jim said…


  8. Patriotism means:
    * thanking every soldier I see in uniform immediately for his/her service, even if they were motor pool or office supplies.
    * flying my American Flag proudly from my house in the midst of a densely populated, illegal alien colony.
    * having a beautiful and loving fiancee that agrees AND insists on voting Conservative, and raising our (future) kids the way we see fit, not the way the schools do.
    * telling those damned kids to get the HELL off my lawn!


  9. So what does patriotism mean to you?
    **…gun; lots of guns.

    And, I would only add…

    Even MORE guns…

    I just bought another one yesterday. I’m SO excited… *blush*
    It’s only a Marlin 925, but… they all ADD up!


  10. -Being able to tell my great-grandchildren stories about Obama and Carter as a cautionary tale like Hansel and Gretel.

    -Being strong and wealthy enough to sometimes be able to tell other nations to f#$% off when they are really full of BS.

    -Launching nukes at any orbital bodies just for educations sake.

    -spitting in someones mouth when their jaw drops because they are super offended by what you said even though you were right.

    -Where people are free not to say the pledge of allegiance and I am free to kick them in the balls afterward.

    -Where treasonous bastards are treated how treasonous bastards should be.

    -When I see a 10yr old girl in slut clothing I can say to her mother, “what the hell is wrong with you? Your poor daughter is going to grow up to be a stupid dependent democratic voting slut like you are”

    -Where when the ruling class gets uppity they are put on a one way trip to their dream land choice of Cuba or Venezuela.

    -When leftists propoganda is inserted into a TV show that conservatives change the frakkin channel.


  11. *Buyinga vet lunch on Memerial and Veteran’s Days

    *Flying an American flag on my desk.

    *Having reading selection of the Holy Bible, the Constitution, Ayn Rand, Jeff Cooper, Francis shaeffer, J. Edgar Hopopver, Ronald Reagan, and Rush Limbaugh.

    *Carrying a COLT 1911 on hip everytime I leave the house.

    *Lot’s of hippie face punching.


  12. It means assimilating to this country and its culture after going to whatever lengths necessary to live here. It means becoming a citizen and contributing as best one can and helping one another because it’s your fellow man doing his best – NOT because the government is taxing the heck out of you to the point that you can’t help anyone else. It also means not apologizing for being an American, but still being a good ambassador of your country here and worldwide.


  13. I love my country, and don’t think there’s a better place on this earth.
    However, If the USA ranked #11 in Newsweek (with Obama at the helm and people like Pelosi, Reed, Rangel, Waters, Schumer, Clinton, Sotomayor, Kagan, Paterson, Geitner, Napolitano, Bernanke… [need I go on?]) I’m just saying I understand.


  14. – Laise Faire Capitalism

    – New Frontiers and Manifest Destiny

    – I would say Christian values, but I keep forgetting that it’s still possible to have Christian values outside of the United States, contrary to popular trends.


  15. Freedom……….the opportunity to chose whether to succeed or fail, to try or not, to be or not to be, to believe or not to believe, but through it all the God given right to be the master of your own destiny. As I always tell my children, you are driving the bus, a navigator stands ready to assist with directions (if asked but only if asked). Once you choose then then you must accept the consequences, which is an essential part of freedom. Without those consequences freedom would be worthless.


  16. Seanmahair gets my vote.

    As I get older, patriotism to me means appreciating more and more that I share some very deep values and ideas with my fellow countryman. And those ideas are embodied in our very Constitution and law as well as our daily lives. Like the ideas – and people – here at IMAO.


  17. Unsuccessfully fighting back the tears when I read, hear, or see a tribute to those that gave their life defending this country.
    Agreeing with the lyrics of patriotic Country Songs.
    Never believing the lies of Democrats/Leftists/Commies/Jihadis
    Standing at attention with hand over heart while ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ plays, and feeling blessed to do so.
    Being an AmeriCAN, not an AmeriCAN’T
    Believing that, depite the current lawmakers holding elected office, that America is the best place in the world to live.



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