Capitalist Propaganda: “Greed”

From 1979, economist Milton Friedman goes knuckles to nuts against Phil Donahue with “Greed”:

[YouTube direct link]

Two things struck me while watching this:

1) Liberal talking points haven’t changed.

2) There was once a time in this nation when liberal talk show hosts allowed conservative guests to finish making their points.

Take some notes, Chris Matthews.

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  1. A few more points for you, Harvey:

    3) Liberals still don’t realize how idiotic they look and sound when they go on TV and pretend to be intelligent.

    4) Donahue was yet another TV liberal that spent his life competing for viewers in order to increase sponsorship dollars so that his show might be more successful and he could make more money…umm, the definition of a full-blown capitalist.


  2. I was shocked to remember there was a time when a liberal would allow a guest to state his point without shouting him down with accusations of racism or corporate payoffs.

    Progressives today have learned they do not have a legitimate logical argument to make, so they now just screech madly and throw their poo.


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  4. Friedman’s reliance on direct observation is appalling in an economist. Why, he all but admitted that he’d drop his precious “greed” in an instant if he found an alternative method that did a better job of improving the lives of the lot of humanity(!) We must cling more blindly to our ideologies and mold reality to our positions, not the other way around(!)

    (Isn’t Friedman the coolest?!)


  5. Donahue hasn’t learned anything in the last thirty years. A few years ago when he had a show on MSNBC, Neal Boortz basically schooled him the same way. Donahue couldn’t even understand the concept of libertarianism and insisted on referring to Boortz as a conservative. Old Phil is dumb as a box of rocks.

    Have an Evil day



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