Harry Reid Shows Affection, Creepiness

So in praising Christine O’Donnell’s opponent, Chris Coons, Harry Reid said, “He’s my pet.” That guy just doesn’t know how to not be creepy. And here’s some other things he said in praise of Coons:


* “I want to keep him in a pit and make him put the lotion on the skin.”

* “Please make him Senator! I promise to walk him every day!”

* “I wish we could both die side-by-side in a fiery car wreck so we could always be together.”

* “I will hug him and squeeze him and name him George.”

* “Tee hee. It makes me giggle when he eats from my hand.”

* “When I gaze into his eyes, I finally understand why some people turn to murder-suicide.”

* “I wish I had a miniature version of him I could keep in my pocket at all times.”

* “I just want to lick his face! Don’t you want to lick his face?”

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  1. * “I want to kill him and skin him so I can wear him and never forget him.”
    * “He is so much more like a human instead of the lobster that he is. I want to boil him alive to see if he screams.”
    * “I once gave him a pig’s ear and he ate it without hesitation.”
    * “Nancy often asks if her ‘Darling Christopher’ can stay at her house for a sleepover with Nancy and Nancy’s cats.”
    * “Karl Rove apparently loves him.”
    * “He still tries to sleep next to me in my bed, but I am hopeful he is moving past that stage.”
    * “I have to cut off the crust on his peanut butter and jelly sandwich. This is quite annoying.”
    * “He refused to socialize with children his age or with Alan Grayson, so I am forced to leave him at the kennel when I leave town.”



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