Classic Halloween Horror Shows

Trick-or-Treat! Happy Halloween, IMAOans™! In recognition of this cherished holiday, I have pulled some of my classic horror movie posters out of the vault and reposted them here on IMAO (for the first time) for your amusement. Have a happy, fun and safe holiday!

First up, from November 7, 2008…. the most horrifying story of all time. Thankfully, with your help, it’s two-year engagement is finally ending on Tuesday. Unfortunately, the damage inflicted by this ugly beast will take years to repair.

Next up, my 2009 Halloween Halloween Cavalcade of Horror

Sweet dreams! Muwahahahaha!!!

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It’s time once again for the Valour-IT fundraiser. The idea is to get tech to help wounded troops (such as voice controlled laptops) which does seem like about the least we can do. It’s a competition between the branches, and I’m on team Jacob Marines. They kill the most people and my brother is one.

So please give generously.

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Cross-posted at America is an Obamanation!

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Sneezing Monkey

This is what gives me nightmares:

"I'll stop you yet, He-Man!"

It’s a new monkey discovered in Burma.

First off, stop discovering new monkeys! We do not need anymore monkeys! We have way more monkeys than we need and should be concentrating on making them extinct instead of finding more.

Second, see its weird nose? When it rains, it fills up with water and the monkey sneezes. So guess what happens now that I know this? It is in my brain that raining plus sneezing equals monkey. Next time it rains and I hear a sneeze, I’ll spin around and shout, “Die, monkey!” while firing my gun wildly. I do not take chances with monkeys.

Hmm. I guess this monkey is kind of the opposite of this one.

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Yes We Can, But…

When President Obama was on the Daily Show, he modified his famous phrase to, “Yes we can, but…” So what are the possible endings to it? Here are some ideas:


…it sounds hard.

…it would require competent leadership.

…Republicans stole my Slurpee.

…I’d rather focus on liberal agenda stuff you don’t care about right now like health care.

…I kind of don’t like this country.

…it is forbidden by the Koran.

…then I couldn’t play as much golf.

…then I might lose my best friend, Bill Ayers.

…it’s just not how we do things in my hometown of Kenya.

…it might make foreign leaders so mad they won’t let me bow to them.

…it’s better the car stay in the ditch until we get a hybrid.

…I’m president.

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Frank Responds to Spam Comments

From out of Macedonia the Great Landlord has provided us with more spam comments. Have enjoyment with them!

thanks you men.

In Soviet Russia, men thanks YOU!

Any possibility we can get more posts like this 1 ? I adore all typed of femdom posts!

Sorry. Any fendom posts I might have done were through an unrepeatable accident. I won’t even try to make one again out of risk of injury.

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First rule of IMAO: Don’t talk about IMAO.
Third rule of IMAO: Ignore first and second rule and please link to IMAO.

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You shouldn’t give food AIDS to kill off poor people. There are a lot less convoluted ways to do that.

hair transplants are overly expensive but i can say that the results are great:.

Wow! Joe Biden reads my blog!

Hi, I manage a website too and I almost never see junk remarks on your articles. How do you manage to stop it all? Does one just physically moderate all of it?

Now you spammers are getting pretty cheeky.

What a good post you’ve posted. Good share. But I am having trouble with this feed. I could’n to subscribe. Is there any person else experiencing similar issue with this rss feed?

Yes, other spammers keep reporting and complaining about the same issue for some reason. I’ll give you the advice I give all spammers: Kill self.

good good…this post deserves nothing …hahaha just joking 😛 …nice post 😛

I broke down crying before I read the second part. Please don’t play with my fragile ego like that. My posts deserve everything, man. Everything!

I respect the data provided. Sustain the great work! I totally agree with the commenter above me, his opinion is valuable. I will be checking again for updates as well as reading the remark section.

How did I know this was spam? The commenter above him was ussjimmycarter!

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Random Thoughts

Buttercup still stares at me with cat-level non-comprehension. Can’t wait until she’s to dog-level comprehension.

I was scared of Obama when I first saw him in 2004. I think liberals are having the same reaction about Rubio. Hopefully Rubio doesn’t end up as absolutely useless.

I was joking back in 2004 when I said Obama would destroy us all. I did not mean to be that prophetic.

Hadn’t watched baseball in a while. Don’t remember it being this painful.

The cat from tonight’s Community was one of the funniest things ever.

Orson Scott Card likes my humor (bottom of article). I once read a comic book adapted from one of his novels!

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Church, State, and Crazy Joy Behar

New video from Crowder. Kind of minimalist this time, but he makes fun of Joy Behar and that’s always fun.

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Operation Flight Post Holiday Views

Friend of IMAO author Mike Z. Williamson is going to be joining with Pin-Ups for Vets and Cooking with the Troops for a post holiday visit to injured vets in the post holiday season (when they get the least attention). I wanted to bring it to your attention since IMAO is a big supporter of our troops since they make the world a better place by making sure there are less people in it we don’t like. You can find details here including how to donate.

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Liberal Learning Process

So back in Bill Clinton’s first term, the Democrats tried to create government health care which caused huge anger which led to Republicans gaining both the House and Senate in 1994. Democrats decided their problem was that they didn’t successfully pass health care so this time they rammed it through with Obamacare. So basically Democrats tried to kick America in the groin, failed to do so and saw America get hugely angry and concluded the problem they didn’t successfully kick America in the groin. So the question is: Do you think there is any result next Tuesday that will convince Democrats to stop trying to kick us in the groin?

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Should We Taunt the Behar?

So liberals are getting pretty desperate, and it’s expected that we start seeing them lash out. On The View the other day, the ironically-named Joy Behar went rabid against Sharon Angle for some reason and called her a “bitch.” Now the smart thing might be to ignore this, but Angle instead sent Behar flowers and a note thanking her for the $150,000 they made in fundraising off of Behar’s impotent screams. This cause another freak out and more fundraising. But what if instead the headline the next day was, “Crazed Behar Attacks Audience at The View“?

These people are highly unstable and we can’t know what they’ll do if we start poking them with sticks. And would it be Behar’s fault if the taunting caused a violent outburst? No; she’s not capable of understand right from wrong. It would be Sharon Angle’s fault for her irresponsible behavior. So let’s not taunt the liberals… unless we put them in a cage first.

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Violent Post-Election Riots!

Fair warning: Teabaggers are going to have violent riots on November 3rd. I think this might be Keith Olbermann’s special comment:

There is quite a lot of paranoia paranoia out there. One conservative out of a hundred million steps on someone’s head and suddenly death squads are coming. The mindset is starting to be, “I’m super duper sure conservatives are going to get violent so we better get violent first!”

Still, it’s easy to see why people don’t take violence that seriously from the left-wing. How disjointed is it for someone to both support the left-wing sissy “the government needs to care for me and tell me what to do!” policies and tell people to stock up on ammo? It’s really hard to see anything happening from the left beyond a few really isolated incidents. Just look at the left-wing bloggers who met with President Obama yesterday:

"One of us! One of us!"

It’s hard to imagine these people in a violent conflict… or anything that might involve light jogging for that matter.

So, what I’m saying is they’ll all be easy pickings when we riot on November 3rd.

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Random Thoughts

Oh no! Rand Paul has added Super Mario to his campaign staff! I hope that doesn’t lead to more head stomping.

Title for next Batman film revealed: “The Dark Knight Contains Yeast”

The Republicans ran the car into the ditch. Then Obama had the Mythbusters explode it.

Me, sticking with 50+ for GOP is happy outcome. No expectations on Senate other than that Reid is gone. Even if the GOP gets a 100+ gain in the House, if Reid is still around I will be frowny face 🙁

Don’t have a costume for Buttercup yet. I’m thinking evil doll…

When Alan Grayson is thrown out of office, someone is still going to keep an eye on him, right?

When I get on the plane, if I see Muslims screaming and waving around guns, I get worried. I get nervous.

Button appeared in my house. If I push it, someone I don’t know will get offended and I get a $2 million contract with FOX News.

After I pushed the button, they took it away and said they’ll give it to someone I don’t know. Saw them take it to MSNBC!

Sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from primitive tools.

I think there would be a lot of synergy if they combine the “Government Doesn’t Suck” march with a “Clowns Aren’t Scary” march.

President Obama personally told me he considers himself a bearded Marxist, FYI

All the show Caprica did was make me glad the cylons blew up the stupid, boring colonies.

I just don’t get the Giants’ pitcher’s hair. Doesn’t he have any friends who would keep him from appearing on TV looking like that?

Buttercup got her first letter in the mail today. It was from the federal government and contained her Social Security card.

One guy steps on one person’s head and the left are acting like death squads are going to pop up next week.

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Now that we know the cause, we can fix it

They found out what causes people to be liberal. It’s in the genes.

According to scientists at UC San Diego and Harvard University, “ideology is affected not just by social factors, but also by a dopamine receptor gene called DRD4.”

The number of friends you have as a child also factors in, according to the study. Which means that if, while immature, you have influences from other immature people, you become a liberal. Which proves that liberalism is immaturity squared.

Now that they’ve found out what causes it, we can cure it.

I propose that we fund gene therapy projects that will get rid of that gene. Or those with it.

Sure, a bunch of pansies on the left might object to my saying that, so, let’s compromise. We’ll start by getting rid of those with the gene in a small sample.

What say we start with a national test group of 535. We can remove those in that sample group that have the gene, and we can do that on the first Tuesday in November. And, we can have smaller study groups at the state and local levels at the same time.

Let’s try that and see how it goes. If things get better, we can then expand it to the rest of the country.

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Frank Riddles

For the previous riddle, slarrow wins the HIGH PRAISE. Now for this week’s riddle:

What you tried to give me,
I quickly sent away.
Yet you tried again to force it on me,
Leaving it at my destination.
Thousands want it, though;
If only I could get it to them and be done with it.

Be the first to tell me what “it” is in the comments, and you will win…


So tell me, have the riddles helped make you guys smarter? Or have they actually made you dumber? I already know about ussjimmycarter.

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