Classic Halloween Horror Shows

Trick-or-Treat! Happy Halloween, IMAOans™! In recognition of this cherished holiday, I have pulled some of my classic horror movie posters out of the vault and reposted them here on IMAO (for the first time) for your amusement. Have a happy, fun and safe holiday!

First up, from November 7, 2008…. the most horrifying story of all time. Thankfully, with your help, it’s two-year engagement is finally ending on Tuesday. Unfortunately, the damage inflicted by this ugly beast will take years to repair.

Next up, my 2009 Halloween Halloween Cavalcade of Horror

Sweet dreams! Muwahahahaha!!!

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  1. The movie “Halloween 2010” has been delayed. A new movie is being released on Tuesday, Nov. 2, combining “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” with the “U.S. House of Horrors”. Surviving stars of the movie get to debut in the sequel: The (Potomac) Swamp Thing.


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  3. Of course there is the ever popular ” Be-hars Attacks”. or “American Politician in London” starring the Clintons or Stenny Todd staring Stenny Hoyer and Nancy Pelosi as the demon barber from Maryland and his co-hort in crime.

    So many ideas so little time.



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