Random Thoughts

At this point, I don’t see Juan Williams going back to NPR even if they offered. Let’s just defund and move on.

The American public shouldn’t be forced to fund stuff white people like.

The thing is, most conservatives get annoyed by Juan Williams views, but you have to work hard to actually hate him.

If taxpayer funding were used to save something like Firefly, I might understand. But what makes the NPR stuff so special?

Are things starting to turn against the GOP? I haven’t seen the crazed Ewok in a while.

Glenn Greenwald accused me of having a short attention span… I think. I only scanned his tweet.

To Whom It May Concern: No, YOU’RE the one who’s stupid!

I work a full time job plus blog and write a column, so I’ve decided I deserve to spend $1.99 on myself to get Angry Birds Halloween. Don’t tell my wife.

If you want a team to stay #1 for more than a week, try making Boise State #1.

I say, if you’re going to do another Star Wars trilogy, don’t tell Lucas about it.

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IMAO Podcast Reruns (12-24-05)

Episode 20, from 12-24-05 is now available.

You can wait two months to listen to it, if you want. I’m just saying it’s there now.

NOTE: Each podcast is self-contained, so you won’t be lost if you haven’t listened to them all, or in order. Jump in anytime.

* Introduction
* Harvey: Fun Facts About the North Pole Part 1
* Holiday Greetings
* Harvey: Fun Facts About the North Pole Part 2
* FrankJ on Christmas
* Sarah K on Christmas
* Harvey on Christmas
* Lawrence Simon on Hanukkah
* Spacemonkey on Christmas
* Right Wing Duck on Christmas
* Kevin on Christmas
* Conclusion

DISCLAIMER: I offer no guarantees as to the quality of the audio or of the material. Listen at your own risk.

Enjoy the show.

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IMAO Reader Theater: “Conversation Between America and the Democrats”

For those who found my last column too complicated too follow, here’s the conversation at the crux of it in robot form:

Thanks to JR Ralls for making this, who has a blog comparing the 1942 election with this year’s.

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NPR Fact Check

About that “NPR’s values emphasizing fact-based, objective journalism” thing…

Fred Thompson offers some clarification:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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For Kos & Ifill

Party like it’s 1775.

[YouTube direct link]

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I’m So Awesome!

I hadn’t written a column in a little while because I was busy with baby stuff, so I was really hoping to knock one out of the park with my latest one. And it’s probably been my most popular piece so far. It’s got thousands of “Likes” on Facebook — which I’m pretty sure is a lot — and the Wall Street Journal Best of the Web wrote this about it:

“…for our money is the most astute political analysis we’ve read all year…”

That’s right; my analysis is “astute.” I looked that up on the Wiktionary, and it’s a pretty good thing. It means I’m like bestest super smart pundit number one.

Anyway, I thought I’d use this post to give you, the readers of IMAO, something I know you’ve been dying for: A place to tell me how awesome I am. So get in the comments and pour forth your hearts.


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Is Nancy Pelosi Out of Touch with Reality?

About this upcoming election, Nancy Pelosi said, “I would rather be in our position right now than theirs.” You ever get the idea that maybe she’s not living in reality? To add to it, here are some other statements she made:


“There will be one clear message in November: More stimulus, please!”

“Our first order of business after the election will be to build a monument to commemorate the passing of Obamacare.”

“Anything less than the Democrats gaining sixty more seats in the House will be considered a disappointment.”

“On November 3rd, Harry Reid, Obama, and I will meet with top mountain carvers so they can get started on the next Mount Rushmore.”

“What I keep hearing from voters is, ‘Wow! Look at all these jobs! It’s almost too many! Please stop making so many jobs, Pelosi.'”

“Tea Parties. I hear your concern. We’ll get single-payer health care as soon as we can.”

“Our economic plan is going to do even better than we predicted because we have top leprechaun accountants working on it.”

“The only problem we’ll have this election is building enough stables to hold all the unicorns happy voters will reward us with.”

“I am not a witch.”

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The Orwellian NPR

So the NPR ombudsman (no where near as entertaining as the Red Eye ombudsman) wrote a long article explaining the firing of Juan Williams. It’s a lot of nonsense, but I’d like to focus on this one paragraph:

Instead, this latest incident with Williams centers around a collision of values: NPR’s values emphasizing fact-based, objective journalism versus the tendency in some parts of the news media, notably Fox News, to promote only one side of the ideological spectrum.

So, they got rid of the only guy who wasn’t completely in lockstep with the other fringe leftists to make sure they aren’t ideologically tilted. Can you get anymore Orwellian than that? Except maybe if NPR’s only black guy and only one who diverged a little intellectually was fired by the “Ministry of Diversity”.

So NPR is a bunch of moron weirdos with the kind of thickheaded stupid you have to work hard at each day to sustain, and that’s okay. Just it’s ridiculous any of our taxpayer money should go to sustain these guys whose political views belong in a freak show. I don’t know how anyone could actually justify that other than one of these losers, so hopefully Congress will finally do the sensible thing. It’s only fair; liberals like “fair”, right?

Here’s more from Treacher, including a racial slur aimed at Juan from a leftist. If you want to see some racism, easiest way is to get a minority to disagree with a white liberal.

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Random Thoughts

In a Muslim country, you could be arrested just for quoting Sir Francis Bacon.

In a Muslim country, anyone separated from Kevin Bacon by two degrees or less is executed.

I guess NPR decided conservatives didn’t have enough issues to get them angry and motivated to vote.

Maybe with Bush becoming more popular in light of Obama, I should start pimping my book again. It’s one of the top one million books on Amazon!

Q. What do you call Oliver Willis flying through the air like Superman?
A. An overhead projector.

Angry Birds taught us a truth I assume farmers knew for years: It’s fun to watch large structures collapse around pigs.

Interesting the reaction from a lot of the left to Juan Williams being fired. I think Jonah Goldberg wrote a book on this subject…

Strategically, might be better to wait for a Senate takeover in 2012 along with giving Obama the boot. If GOP has both House and Senate, Obama might be able to play off that for reelection if he’s smart (which he probably isn’t, but still).

CW was that a Senate takeover wasn’t possible this year because of relatively low number of D seats in the mix. Pretty amazing if it happens.

Can’t we just even things out with NPR and have tax payers pay 2% of Glenn Beck’s and Rush Limbaugh’s salaries?

I have a hypothesis: Babies love being tickled. I shall go collect data.

A seller on Amazon has my book for $999. If you want to pay that much, please buy directly from me.

Some people, like those at NPR, have a sort of stupid you have to work hard at every day to obtain.

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Joe Biden: He Knows Cool

So, Joe Biden told a bunch of 3rd graders that “Obama is really cool“.

Problem is, Obama’s a smoker.

Now everyone knows – as Frank & I once discussed in a podcast [at the 11:37 mark] – that smoking is cool. But it’s just not good for kids.

Know what else is cool?

* Sparkly vampires

* Lower back tattoos

* Pants on the ground

* Genital piercings

* Che Guevera


Know which ones are good for you?

None of them.

Until either the moon gets nuked or dinosaurs come equipped with rocket launchers.

Then you can get your genitals pierced.

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Seriously, I Don’t Get It

Ok, I get that Palin’s “party like it’s 1773” remark was a reference to the Boston Tea Party.

And I get that Kos and Ifill were dumb to make fun of it.

But I don’t get WHY they made fun of it.

What year did they think she should’ve said instead?

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Official Government Stance Is Islam Means Hugs

So one of the terrorist leaders we’re trying to kill right now, he attended a luncheon at the Pentagon… shortly after 9/11.

What? I guess that could have been a good idea. “Suspicious Muslim leaders, come to Pentagon for free lunch. All meals will be prepared the Muslim version of kosher. Lots of food, no assassinations!” And guess what they’d find when they got there? VERY LITTLE FOOD AND LOTS OF ASSASSINATIONS!

But that wasn’t what went down. It’s like with the Fort Hood shooter not even bothering to look at suspicious signs. As I’ve said before, this is how the liberal mind works on racism. First, we decide we can’t just be suspicious of Muslims because that’s racist so we also throughly check white 80 year olds boarding planes. And then some liberal says, “Hey, know what would be even less racist? We only check white 80 year olds and are never ever suspicious of Muslims.” And thus Muslims get away with behavior that would set off red flags with any other group but officials ignore it so not to look racist.

For people to get along with peaceful Muslims and not worry, they have to know there is a low tolerance by officials for things like tepid support of Hamas. But those sort of people get called “moderate”. America should only allow the nicest, most peaceful Muslims who hate terrorism more than anything. Any who even offers the slightest sympathy for terrorism should be fired out of a cannon into the sea. And then everyone gets along and is peaceful.

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The High Cost of Whining About FOX News

So Soros is giving Media Matters one… million… dollars. This is kind of weird to conservatives because we’re used to whining about media bias all the time for free, but apparently you have to pay the left to do it. One million dollars to constantly complain about FOX News — that’s a pretty good deal. I’d certainly do it for that sort of money. Here’s one complaint: There’s something about Shepherd Smith I never quite liked. There, now some rich liberal nut better send me a hundred bucks.

And you may have heard that Juan Williams got fired from NPR for saying on FOX News that Muslims were involved with 9/11. While Media Matters may love to try and pretend to get outraged over any little error they find, it’s always going to be the accurate things FOX News reports that will make those type of wieners the angriest. The reason liberals hate FOX News and obsess over it despite controlling pretty much all other media is there are really true things they never wanted anyone to talk about — things that poke holes in their silly little fantasy world — and FOX News brings them up on a daily basis.

Maybe this will help liberals calm down: Remember when Reagan came to power? There wasn’t FOX News or even right-wing talk radio. So you’re going to lose no matter what because your ideas just suck that bad. If it’s inevitable, no reason to worry.

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What Sort of Thumping Will Democrats Get in November?

Zombie has a list of what metaphor to use based on how many seats Republicans gain in the House. The list goes to some pretty high numbers, which makes me want to remind you what the puppy blender says. That’s right, he says, “Mmm… puppies!” But I was thinking of the other thing he says: “Don’t get cocky.”

Now, I’m looking for a gain of more than fifty on November (labeled an “asskicking” on Zombie’s list). That would be a solid rebuke and I think very attainable (Intrade has the possibility for that now at about 75%). Anything more than that would be nice too, but not going to go into November expecting it. I still hold out hope for this possibility, though.

How many House seats are you expecting the Republicans to gain?

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Random Thoughts

Soros is paying people a $1 million to whine at FOX News? Man, I’ve been whining at the wrong cable news.

About the $1 mil for Media Matters: The right as been complaining about media bias for free for years, but you have to pay the left.

Look at the gift a reader sent Buttercup (next to 80 lb. dog for scale).

I bet even the CEO of Bic can never find a pen when he needs one.

So who originally passed the law that comedies are a half an hour and dramas are an hour long?

NPR fired Juan Williams? Stupid crackers.

Wish we could do something, but it’s kind of an impotent threat for conservatives to say they’ll boycott NPR.

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