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Posted on October 27, 2010 9:03 am

Aqua Buddha demands head stomping!

Just because one Aqua Buddhist extremist stomped on someone’s head doesn’t mean we should slander all Aqua Buddhists.

NPR caught me watching FOX News and fired me. I don’t know how they got into my house.

It is a little unnerving when you see Karl Rove run away giggling from the voting machine just before you use it.

Ow! Someone from MoveOn.org just headbutted the bottom of my foot! You may hear it reported differently.

We should look at the BCS as a competition for who gets to be the villain in the Boise State underdog story.

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19 Responses to “Random Thoughts”

  1. MarkoMancuso says:

    We should look at the BCS as a competition for who gets to be the villain in the Boise State underdog story.

    You fool! The BCS itself is the villain.

  2. ussjimmycarter says:

    I had the same problem only someone from SEIU smacked me in the fist with their face, hard! It kinda stung a bit!

  3. storm1911 says:


    Actually, the libtards over at moron.org and DU about a month and a half ago started scheming about some political theater to make the Tea party look bad just before the election. The Hippie Head Stomp and the Cantor incident yesterday are proof they are carrying it out.

  4. ussjimmycarter says:

    Ok, so here’s how it’s going to come down, Frank. My Iowa Hawkeyes have lost twice this year…ugh…so when Boise State is beaten and slides down in the polls, they will be around where my beloved Hawks are. They will agree to meet on a New Years Day bowl somewhere nice. And then it will get ugly very fast. Boise State players will be carried from the field after every play! They will run out of stretchers, bandades, tape, ambulances, etc. By the second half the head cheerleader will have to don a Helmet and pads and play quarterback! Boise State players will be curled up in the fetal position on the field calling for their mommies! It will like totally rock!

  5. Jimmy says:

    Boise State – is that one of Obama’s 57 states?

    See, in my state, we don’t have this problem. We have the University of The Soviet State of Washington La Losers !

  6. DamnCat says:

    No one told me there would be hippie head stomping at that Rand rally. They need to put that in the fliers and newspaper ads – I totally would have gone.

  7. Basil says:

    We should look at the BCS as a competition for who gets to be the villain victim in the Boise State underdog Auburn Revenge For 2004 story.


  8. MarkoMancuso says:

    Basil, didn’t Auburn actually have a defense in 2004?

  9. plentyobailouts says:

    Aqua Buddha demands head stomping!

    Isn’t this Aqua Man’s straight cousin?

  10. Basil says:

    If Auburn goes 13-0 playing an SEC schedule (including the title game), they will have shown they have all the defense they need.

    By the way, I despise Auburn. I have to put up with that damn “War Eagle” crap every day (the school is only about 30 minutes from Columbus, and this area is crawling with Tigers). But I gotta respect them.

  11. Son of Bob says:

    If Harry Reid can offer free food and union gift cards to get out his votes, I don’t see why we can’t offer hippie head stomping as an incentive for real Americans to come out to vote. It would really increase the turnout of informed voters. Although it might discourage some people from bringing friends to vote – imagine showing up and there’s Cheryl Crow right there ready to be kicked and your buddy kicks her first…that’s an incident that could hurt a friendship.

  12. ussjimmycarter says:

    PlentyO – NOBODY in AquaMan’s family is straight!

  13. MarkoMancuso says:


    I’m unsure if the SEC is truly tough enough this year to prove that.

  14. Basil says:

    Sounds like somebody needs his conference’s butt kicked in the bowls. Again.

  15. zzyzx says:

    Actually Aqua Buddha is just the nick name the locals have given to the water department in Buda, Texas.

  16. MarkoMancuso says:


    I must have been watching something else when the top four teams in the Big Ten were all winning their bowl games last year. Not that has any relevance to the strength of the SEC this year.

  17. Alan says:

    It’s a shame that the best college team in the country(Boise State) cannot play for a national championship.

  18. Corona says:

    What would happen if all us Christians all of a sudden went all in for Aqua Buddha? Would we become more chic than Muslims? Pretty avante guard stuff there. Stepping on necks of women would become chic in Britain & France. Victorias’ Secret would become Caterpillars’ new headquarter.

  19. RAML says:

    @18 Corona

    If you are going to use Victorias’ Secret as a headquarters, then perhaps your god is possibly not named AQUA Buddha.

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