Sarah Palin can do it all

What can Sarah Palin do?

The better question is: What can Sarah Palin not do?

I discovered just how talented and versatile she is. She can quarterback Auburn University.

No, really. Look:

Source: Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

It surprised me, to say the least.

With her leading Auburn on the gridiron, I suspect she’s completely lost all the Boise State and Texas Christian fans. All 20 of them.

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  1. Sarah Palin is so awesome that Playboy reportedly offered her $4 Million to pose nude in their Dec. issue…

    Whereas Michelle Obama was offered 50 bucks from National Geographic…..


  2. She’s going to lose all of the Auburn fans too if she makes them forfeit all of their games this year.


  3. Sarah Palin is so awesome she can change race and gender at will !!! Tell me, what is running a football against a wall of angry powerful men compared to staring down the Evil Queen, Pelosi?

    zzyzx… comment of the day. Corona is not far behind.


  4. All it takes is one screw up between Oregon and Auburn, and Boise St. will be playing for the national championship. They’ll pass TCU after they beat Fresno St. and Nevada, and they’re not likely to be passed anyone else (I hope).

    Auburn’s got to get by Alabama, South Carolina, and the NCAA-investigation-of-illegal-payoffs-committee. Oregon’s got tough games against Arizona and Oregon St. after only scoring 15 against Cal.

    One loss by either of those teams, and Boise’s going to Glendale for the championship game!

    Oh, and a big haw-haw about Iowa this week. 🙂



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