Why Do Liberals Hate the Constitution

Everyone knows that liberals hate the Constitution, but I explore why in my latest Pajamas Media column. Caution: May contain heated rhetoric that will instill in you the urge to kill.

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  1. You mentioned George Washington punching hippies, but no talk about putting a musket to anyone’s junk? You even quoted the second amendment. Maybe you are getting tired of politics already this year. A fine article otherwise.

  2. Frank, this is pure genius, and easily the best piece I’ve read on the subject. I actually read it and then reread it. The bit about the pickaxes is gold.

    “The Constitution is a living document:” What liberals say when the Constitution doesn’t say what they want it to say.

    This is like…

    “Code word (as in ‘code speech’):” What a liberal claims you said because what you said did not fit his world view.

  3. Well if you conservatives weren’t so mean and expect us to let you have your property and expect us to work for our dope money and expect us to not kill babies, maybe we would like the constitution a bit more. If you weren’t all racists and gun clinging religeous nuts, maybe we would follow the law, but nooo! you just don’t want us to have this utopia without having to earn it. Besides I am incapable of taking responsibility for myself, I must have my superior elite tell me what to do and you mean ole conservatives are just to stupid and Bushy to understand.


  4. @Marko I was certain “inconvenient critical thinking” would fit that. They love critical thinking about us like anthropologists studying cave writings. They never ever ever question themselves. Why would they bother? Since they are right about everything and they are fighting pure evil.

  5. Yet another great piece! Boy did you piss off the hippies with that article. Luckily PJM has some hippie punchers over there too.

    Soooooo who’s up for a Constitutional Convention so we can get started on deporting liberals to Antarctica. It’s a great idea really. Just tell them that with global warming it’ll soon be the only habitable place on the planet. Al Gore said so.

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