Time to Finally End Racism in Hollywood

As I watched all the white people nominated for Oscars last night, I couldn’t help but think how Hollywood is the last place in America where racist hiring practices are tolerated. It’s the only place left where one care hire for a job looking only at white applicants and no one will bat an eye.

Like take the winner for best picture last night, The King’s Speech. Do you think any black people were considered for any of the lead roles in that film. Oh, sure, they have an excuse for that: Historical accuracy. But when has historical accuracy ever mattered to Hollywood? They’re always changing factual details to make a better plot. The only historical detail they’ll never budge on is the one that keeps minority actors blocked from their film.

Oh, and they’ll probably say it’s us, too. We, the audience, would be too confused by black Churchill. Well, no, I’d be fine with it; don’t try and project your racism onto me, Hollywood. And I thought Hollywood was supposed to challenge people’s perceptions. But I guess racially neutral hiring practices is too big a challenge.

Anyway, whatever the excuse, too much of Hollywood’s hiring is “Whites Only” and it should not be tolerated. Obviously the left in this country doesn’t care, so it’s up to conservatives to end this last bit of blatant racism blemishing America. If racial attitudes isn’t a big part of the plot of a movie, then there should be open casting for all the parts to people of all races. “Artistic vision” is not an acceptable excuse for racism.

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Stupid or Dead

Jim Treacher is finally getting some vacation time unrelated to knee surgery, so he asked me to sub for him (which is a bad idea because I’m much funnier). So here’s a post over at the DC Trawler on teachers’ unions.

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Random Thoughts

So does Wisconsin need to find some specific Democrats or will any do? Pretty sure Idaho has some Dems we’re not doing anything with.

I don’t get onions’ chemical warfare on my eyes. If you don’t want to be cut, don’t have so much flavor.

Finally saw The King’s Speech. Good, but I doubt the shootout they added to punch up the ending was historical. Also, did the royalty really have a jive talking robot back then?

Kidding; didn’t see that movie. Only thing that gets me to the theater these days is incomprehensible CGI robots smashing each other.

Evaporated milk goes great with disintegrated chicken and dematerialized biscuits.

I’m not going to watch the Oscars, so someone tell me if I won one.

Movie Idea: Terrorist attack at Oscars leaves film crews to take over as movie stars.

Actually, that was an awesome movie idea. I’ll start writing the script; someone get together a million dollars to send me for it.

No matter all my complaints and that I barely ever go to the movies, I’ve never successfully not watched the Oscars.

“It’s g-g-good to be the k-k-king.”

I shouldn’t feel this embarrassed for professionals preforming on stage.

So in reality, Batman sounds like a chimney sweep.

The Oscars really is an acting test because only the greatest actors could make this material work.

I only know how to recognize bad editing.

I do really want to see the King’s Speech. Nothing inspires like seeing rich, powerful people overcome obstacles.

If Randy Newman just played the piano while saying his Oscar speech, it would be no different from his songs.

Yeah, I don’t get Randy Newman or the other musics kids these days like.

Theoretically, we don’t want trains to wreck, but they’re so much fun to watch!

Know what would be really boring? A fantastic Oscars where there was nothing to snark about.

I remember when Halle Berry won an Oscar and they had to bring in the national guard to keep white actors from blocking her from getting it.

Feels like I should use this time to rant about how Hollywood is the only place left in America where racism in hiring is tolerated.

Like for King’s Speech, it was basically BLACKS NEED NOT APPLY for all the lead rolls. You can justify it how you want, but it’s disgusting.

For her performance in Star Wars, this should change Portman’s Oscar total from -1 to 0.

Oscar Winners: Because “rich actor” isn’t quite exclusive enough.

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Blocking cookies


It’s the first city in Georgia, founded in 1733. And it’s full of history.

Forsyth Park. Fort Jackson. Fort Pulaski. River Street. The Squares. Tybee Light. Johnny Mercer House.

Don’t know how much you know about Savannah. I grew up near there. Well, within TV-watching distance. My high school was in the same region as the Savannah schools, so there’d be travel to games throughout the year. Savannah was close, so I’m a little familiar with it.

But, no matter how much you know about Savannah, there is one aspect that you surely know about, even if you don’t know about its connection with Savannah.

Girl Scouts.

The Girl Scouts were founded in Savannah in 1912.

Whatever you think of the Girl Scouts, you gotta admit: they make good cookies. I always look forward to the sale of Girl Scout Cookies. I stock up. You can freeze them, you know. They’ll keep. And you can enjoy them year-round. At least, I think you can enjoy them year-round. They don’t usually last that long around me.

Anyway, you can buy Girl Scout Cookies now. They’re selling them.

Only, you can’t buy them at the home of Juliette Gordon Low, founder of the Girl Scouts.

Nope. The address 10 East Oglethorpe Avenue is off-limits to the sale of Girl Scout Cookies.

Seems somebody complained last year.

So, the Girl Scouts cannot sell cookies in front of the home of the founder of the Girl Scouts.

I tell you, this country’s going to hell in a handbasket when Girl Scouts can’t sell cookies in at the home of the founder of the Girl Scouts.

I wonder who complained. Whoever it was complained hates America. I mean, really. Stopping little girls from selling cookies? Sounds like something somebody who voted for Barack Obama would do, that’s how un-American it is.

I’m thinking about heading to Savannah and offering to buy a busload of Girl Scout Cookies in front of the Juliette Gordon Low House. And, if anyone complained, they could bite be. While I’m biting into some Girl Scout Cookies.

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THIS is How to Build High Speed Rail

On the minimal chance that there are IMAO readers out there who have read the book but who haven’t heard that after 54 years they’ve finally made the movie, here’s the trailer for Atlas Shrugged:

[YouTube direct link]

Look for it April 15th, an opening day that I’m sure was picked completely at random.

And, as I mentioned while discussing this at my personal blog, there are 3 big differences between Obama’s high-speed rail and Dagny Taggart’s:

1) It’s privately owned
2) It’s profitable
3) It’s hauling freight, not passengers

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Link of the Day

Hope n’ Change suggests a new mascot for the Democrats:

Frankly, we think this new Democrat “Flee Party” movement deserves a newer and more accurate mascot than the old Ass they’ve used previously, and Hope n’ Change is happy to suggest the design seen in today’s cartoon.

We think the Democrat Donkey has outlived any semblance of accuracy. After all, a donkey is actually capable of performing work, stands on its own feet, and is at least marginally lovable… none of which is true of a liberal Democrat.

But a flea? It’s a blood-sucking parasite that lives off of others, it breeds promiscuously, and it’s nearly impossible to get rid of. In other words, it’s a perfect match!

Full disclosure: I live in Wisconsin, and I’ve been suffering under the regime of douchbag Democrats and their union cronies for a VERY long time. With Walker in office, I feel like running through the streets yelling “Democracy! Whiskey! Sexy!“.

By the way, someone made a song about that.

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The Crazed Balancer

It still looks like no one is willing to make the cuts we need in the federal budget for fear of reprisal, so I’ll keep trying to come up with a new solution by thinking outside the box. Here’s my latest idea: We invent a supervillian to cut the budget for us.

“Oh no! The Crazed Balancer has taken over the Capitol and is slashing the budget! We need to stop him!”

And we’ll shine the bat signal in the air, but only Aquaman shows up, so we’ll be like, “Oh, guess there’s no stopping him. We’ll just have to live with his cuts — including those to entitlements. Curse you, Crazed Balancer! You won’t get away with these harsh cuts! We’ll hunt him down across the globe and… Oh wait; that’s not in the budget.”

And then the budget is cut and everyone will just be mad at the supervillian. Just hopefully from his size no one figures out he’s Chris Christie.

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Help Find the Escaped Democrats

Wisconsin police have sent the police to hunt down the escaped Democrats. I think they may have even hired bounty hunters to track them down (“No disintegrations — that would prevent quorum.”).

We should all help in our own way by keep a looking out for escaped Democrats. They could be hiding anywhere around you, but here are some signs to look for:

1. Whininess
2. Completely unearned sense of entitlement
3. Desire to spend other people’s money
4. Inability to make numbers add up

If you think you see an escaped Democrat, don’t make any sudden movements. If frightened, Democrats will immediately spend billions of dollars we don’t have. Instead, smile to the Democrat very politely as you slowly pull out some bear mace and spray him in the face. Then bind his hands and feet with duct tape so he won’t get away. Then spray him with some more bear mace. Then check his wallet for your money. And then go ahead and empty that can of bear mace on him.

BTW, you’ll need to purchase some bear mace.

Afterwards, you can then call Wisconsin and tell them to come get their Democrat. And after they get quorum, hopefully Wisconsin will be smart enough to send their Democrats out of state again and make sure they never come back this time.

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Random Thoughts

Finally saw that Dead Island trailer people were talking about. That was horrible. Why would it make me want to play a videogame?

The Koch brothers pay me $80 per tweet. Is that good/bad/average?

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Who Are the Koch Brothers

The left has been going on and on about the Koch brothers recently. It ends up the public hasn’t rejected left-wing ideas because they suck and are awful, it’s just because of the Koch brothers. In fact, everyone would love liberalism if it weren’t for the Koch brothers and their money.

So who are the Koch brothers? They are these really rich brothers who are responsible for all conservatism — at least since a couple weeks ago which is when liberals suddenly all started complaining about them. Anyway, there basically wouldn’t be anything right-wing if it weren’t for their funding. Like in the last election, everyone who voted Republican got $5000. And check your pocket; you’ll find twenty bucks. That’s what the Koch brothers paid you to read this right-wing site. Ask yourself: Would you actually read this site if you weren’t paid to? Of course not. You’re not even really a conservative; it’s just that’s what you have to pretend to be to get Koch brother money.

Like, I wouldn’t even be blogging about politics if it weren’t for Koch brother money. I’d rather blog about comic books. But I get thousands of dollars from the Kochs every time I make fun of Obama.

BTW, Obama’s got crazy ears! **ka ching!**

So, anyway, the Koch brothers are the only reason conservatives are around. So that’s why liberals are constantly going on about them even though no one else cares. If they can just stop that flow of money, conservatism will dry up and people will stop thinking liberals smell funny and are weird — because we won’t get the $80 for thinking that anymore.

I’m going to go look at my guns and pretend I like freedom. I get $500 for that.

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