Pancho Villa’s finger

Out in the West Texas town of El Paso
Someone is selling a Mexican finger.

Okay, I apologize to the memory of Marty Robbins for that.

But someone is trying to sell Pancho Villa’s finger. You know about Pancho Villa, right? Killed Americans. Was supported by Germany during World War I. That Pancho Villa.

Anyway, a pawn shop in El Paso is trying to sell Pancho Villa’s finger.

That got me thinking… What other famous body parts might be on sale in the future?

What other body parts might be found in a pawn shop one day soon? Or which ones would you like to see?

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  1. “Obama’s brain (really valuable, because it’s never been used)”

    ZING!!!! That would leave a scar, if he had a central nervous system, which I doubt, as he obviously has no spine (or a stomach either, and my God this sentence is going on forever).


  2. A bunch of college kids just called and asked if they could get shirts with Pancho Villa on them. Apparently, they’re always looking for a new anti-American killer to idolize and put on T-shirts, while enjoying the fruits of capitalism getting stoned in a university dorm room paid for by their parents.


  3. Anyone suggesting that the Obama brain be auctioned off in its original packaging is a racist. Anyone suggesting that it be sealed in clamshell packaging probably ought to be investigated by the Secret Service.



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