Is He Sure About This?

From Very Demotivational:

I’m ignoring the troll-bait caption, and I’m just going with the words in the rag-head’s speech balloon.

Really? A pig is the insult beyond all insults?

I thought is was getting hit with a shoe.

Or cartoons of Mohammed

Or burning a Koran

Or the word “Hadji”

Or saying something nice about Israel

Or having military bases in Saudi Arabia

Or working in a tall building in New York

Or riding a bus in London

Or riding a subway in Madrid

Or going dancing in Bali

Or being a woman who got raped without demanding that a male member of her family immediately kill her.

Seriously, wouldn’t it be quicker to list what ISN’T the ultimate insult to a Muslim?

Meanwhile, there is no ultimate insult to Americans.

No matter what you do to us, we have the same response:

“Really? That all you got, pussy?”

Which is probably better proof than a missing birth certificate that President Thin-Skin can’t possibly be an American.

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Mars Was Nuked?

Scientists say there may have been a nuclear blast on Mars. Here’s a computer simulations of what that may have looked like:

Mars is red.

For those who say I just took the nuke the moon logo and crudely tinted it red, I don’t need your negativity, so shut up.

Anyway, scientists say it may have been a natural occurrence, but I hope that’s not true. If nature could just nuclear explode at any time, that’s big trouble. Like we could recycle and drive electric cars and build windmills and — BOOM! — nature just nuclear explodes anyway. What a waste of time trying to help the environment if it’s just going to explode.

Of course, maybe it wasn’t natural. Maybe someone — possibly aliens — possibly aliens from space — nuked Mars as a warning. They were like, “This is what we think of the planets in your solar system!” and — BOOM! — they nuked Mars and a warning to everyone in this solar system. That’s why we need to nuke the moon to show we mean business. Then the aliens will be like, “These guys are crazy! They’re nuking their own stuff! Let’s find some other place to abduct people and eat their blood!”

Nukes, dude: Everyone is using them except for us.

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The Left Respects Christians, Looks Down on Muslims

So one guy out of the six or seven billion in the world burns a Koran and people in the Middle East spend days murdering. Some people are blaming the guy who burned a Koran, as if killing twenty people is an appropriate response to a book being burned. What’s interesting about this is that illustrates that, despite the animosity of the left toward’s Christians, the left considers Christians to be fellow human beings while they don’t feel the same way about Muslims in the Middle East.

Let’s say someone in the Middle East burnt a bible and then Christians rioted in America and killed people — would left for one second think to blame the guy who burned the bible? No, they’d blame the Christians for the violence because they expect Christians to behave like human beings who understand their is no justification for murder. But look at how many are focusing on Terry Jones who burnt a Koran rather than the murderers. That’s because many on the left see Muslims not as fellow human beings, but as subhuman animals who can’t be held responsible for their violent reactions. It’s like if you provoked a gorilla and it attacked people, it’s your fault because you can’t expect a gorilla to know right from wrong.

And that is the choice: Either the Muslims in the Middle East made their own choice to be murderers and are solely responsible for their actions, or they’re less than human. It will be useful in our dealings over there if we all agree on one of those.

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Random Thoughts

I do my April Fools jokes in the middle of October. Fool more people that way.

If some is a columnist is someone who writes editorials, what do you call some who builds Greek architecture?

For April Fools, I told Buttercup she was adopted. She was so shocked she said, “Ba ba ba ba!”

Maybe they can get more people to go to Broadway plays if they advertise that they’re in 3D.

We can tell Buttercup is sleepy when she rubs her eyes, but why is being sleepy an eye irritant?

Everyone who thinks Koran burning is responsible for people being killed in the Middle East is a racist who believe Muslims are subhuman.

I need to take my 3DS for walks to unlock stuff on it. I guess I can take my dog with me when I do that.

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