Update on Me Quitting Blogging

Still haven’t quit blogging so far today… but the day isn’t over yet.

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Democrats Need to Up Their Demagoguery to Take on Paul Ryan’s Budget

So Paul Ryan has this big new budget proposal to cut trillions, and the Democrat response is, “It’s a tax cut for the rich and going to throw seniors out on the street and hurt chil– *YAWN* –oh, I’m so sleepy.” I mean, this is a huge deal, and all the Democrats have is their pro forma response to everything. And I think even they understand it’s not going to quite cut it this time as everyone knows that Obama failed to lead on this issue — I mean he is just a big useless sack of fail — and now you have Paul Ryan come out as the only adult in Washington. It makes the whole current government shutdown squabble about 30 to 100 billion in cuts seem pretty pathetic.

So Dems are really going to have to up their demagoguery game to be bitter obstructionists clinging to their pathetic political power. Here’s some new possible claims to make to really grab attention:

If Paul Ryan’s budget gets passed…

…homeless people will burst into flames.

…every child’s new puppy will die.

…seniors will no longer be protected from robots and their metal claws.

…handicapped children will be put in stocks and laughed at.

…the Koch brothers will hide in your closet and steal your breath at night.

…polar bears will flee melting ice caps and wait in dark alleys to maul you.

…society will collapse and the cast of Jersey Shore will become warlords.

…doctors will form death squads executing sick people without insurance.

…everyone will end up like Charlie Sheen.

…poor people will be sent to forced labor camps on the moon.

…Haliburton will kill you, break your body down into its component chemicals, and sell them.

…Rebecca Black will be commissioned to make songs for every day of the week.

…everywhere you look, there will be nothing but disgusting fat kids.

…we Democrats are just going to whine and whine and whine until you can’t stand it anymore.

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Random Thoughts

Paul Ryan makes me vaguely remember what it was like when this country had a leader.

The one angriest about being forced to buy health insurance would have to be Wolverine.

Dems criticisms of Paul Ryan’s budget might carry more weight if they weren’t the exact same things they say about every GOP proposal ever.

Updated Dickens: “It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. It was the ‘meh’ of times.”

Now that Mad Men is streaming on Netflix, I guess I’ll watch it so I don’t have to turn in my white person membership.

I’m with great interest following tweets about a judge election in Wisconsin. I think I have a problem.

Finally saw that Dear Woman video. I don’t think any of those guys have to worry about going overboard with their masculinity.

Reminds me of those Onion videos where people are so good at deadpanning while saying ridiculous things.

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Why Obama should get 4 more years

The world has changed. Even Republicans — real, official, card-carrying, stuffed-shirt Republicans — are making clever videos now.

[Direct link]

Why couldn’t they have learned how to do this in 2008?

UPDATE: Seems the GOP parody is getting more hits than Obama’s official video. Heh.

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