Friend of IMAO author Michael Z. Williamson (remember how his wife made Buttercup that awesome Nuke the Moon blanket?) has a new book coming out — Rogue — which is a sequel to The Weapon and, from the title, I can only assume involves Sarah Palin somehow.

Advanced orders for signed copies are available through Uncle Hugo’s Science Fiction store. It’s monitored by the New York Times Bestseller list, so copies sold there count towards making Williamson a New York Times Bestselling author. Some reason “Amazon Bestselling Author” doesn’t have the same ring to it — also I think that’s what Xena the Warrior Princess got called when she released a memoir.

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Who Wants a Nuke the Moon T-Shirt?

I ran this by Frank, and he said he’d be willing to do another print run if there was sufficient interest amongst the readership.

So… IF Frank were to sell “Nuke the Moon” T-shirts for $19.95, who is seriously interested in buying and how many?

I’m down for one.

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