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From me (Harvey):

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From Larsinkima:

From Larsinkima:

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Global Warming and Crazy People

So Charles Manson decided to speak out against global warming. A while ago Osama bin Laden released a video speaking out against it too. And Al Gore also recorded a manifesto on global warming and aired it in movie theaters.

I wonder what it is with global warming and deranged people? I guess because it lets people live in this fantasy world where they feel they’re saving the world which has to be attractive to loner, anti-social people. Yet, even they seem to understand how it’s just fantasy since so many of the people touting it are hypocrites in their own energy consumption. Well, I guess Osama bin Laden isn’t a hypocrite since he lives in a cave. And Charles Manson doesn’t really control his own energy consumption. So out of Osama bin Laden, Charles Manson, and Al Gore, I can only say for certain one of them isn’t sincere in his belief about global warming.

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Killing Bad Muslims Is Muslim Outreach

Apparently, for the sake of outreach to Muslims, the Department of Justice is scuttling (it’s a word) some terrorists prosecutions. Ever notice how the left’s efforts to make people more tolerant of Muslims seems to have the exact opposite effect. I mean, if you leave more Muslims terrorists out there terrorizing, people are going to see them murdering and think how bad Muslims are. Think about it: What’s the best way to make sure there is only goodwill out there towards Muslims?

That’s right: Kill all the bad Muslims.

If all the bad Muslims are dead, it’s going to be much harder to hold prejudices against Muslims. With no Muslims out there terrorizing, rioting and murdering over stupid things, and honor killing, it’s going to be hard to make a case against Muslims — or at least they’re not going to get singled out anymore than Hindus or something. Killing the bad Muslims is a simple, effective plan for Muslim outreach, and our American military is already on the case.

So when you have these groups like CAIR who claim to be trying to help perceptions of Muslims, ask them if they’re killing bad Muslims. If not, then what are they doing? Whining? If there’s one thing that can make primitive thuggish murders even worse, it’s combining the element of victimhood and whining. It’s like a lot of these groups want people to hate all Muslims. I’m not for that. We should all live together in harmony. We just need to work together to kill all the bad people first.

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Random Thoughts

Amazon has Portal 2 for PC for $35 so I went ahead and preordered it. I hope this time you get cake. Usually I wouldn’t buy a game without seeing a review, but I don’t care if the gameplay sucks as long as there is more GlaDOS.

So Osama bin Laden, Charles Manson, and Al Gore are all very concerned about global warming.

So this “Game of Thrones” everyone is talking about, is it anything like musical chairs? “Ha! The music stopped and you couldn’t get a throne! You’re no longer king!”

I’m just saying it’s a stupid name and thus probably a stupid show and if you watched it then you’re stupid.

I hear a lot of buzz for Trump’s presidential run. I think it’s people blowing into vuvuzelas.

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Wait until his dad finds out it’s available in white

Jesse Jackson, Jr. — living proof that Chicago is full of idiots — says that the iPad kills jobs. Not Steve Jobs. Employment jobs.

(The iPad is ) probably responsible for eliminating thousands of American jobs. Now Borders is closing stores because, why do you need to go to Borders anymore? Why do you need to go to Barnes & Noble? Buy an iPad and download your newspaper, download your book, download your magazine.

When his dad, noted racist scam artist Jesse Jackson, finds out that the iPad comes in white things will really get nasty.

But, in fairness, Jesse Jackson, Jr. is right. The iPad does kill jobs. And we need to put a stop to it now!

But, we don’t need to focus on the iPad alone. We should also be wary of other technologies that eliminate jobs.

Like the automobile. Think of all the livery stables that could shut down if this whole automobile thing catches on. And blacksmiths. How many blacksmiths are able to get through the lean times because of the horseshoe trade? They may have to shut down, too.

The aeroplane. If people start using these flying machines to travel, the stagecoach could go the way of the dinosaur. Then what would Wells Fargo do? Go into banking?

Guns. This one item alone could shut down the spear making industry.

Printing press. Just the thought of this thing catching on and putting all those scribes out of work.

Television. People might stay home instead of going to a vaudeville or burlesque show. What will mediocre comedians do? And what will strippers do? It could be the end of an industry.

Yes, it’s horrible all the jobs that will be lost because of these new-fangled devices. We must nip this in the bud.

Let’s follow Jesse Jackson, Jr’s lead. Let’s start by stopping the iPad.

In fact, you can send your iPad to me. That’ll save hundreds, nay, thousands of jobs.

Do your part, America.

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Harvey, I’ve tried to tell you…

Harvey, I’ve tried to tell you. But you just won’t listen.

You can do this:


You cannot do this:

Obama reach Curious George reach

Are we clear?

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