Let’s Have a Fond Recounting of How Much You Lost By

So Kloppy-burger is asking for a recount in Wisconsin. Seems rather pointless. I mean, she was quick to declare victory with a 200 vote margin which was recount worthy (though I wouldn’t have been too hopeful for Prosser), but now a 7,000 vote margin is suspect? I don’t think a lot of people understood how statistically unlikely it was that the couple hundred vote margin Bush won by would be overturned by a recount, but thinking there could be a miscount somewhere to the order of thousands of votes is just insane. She isn’t asking for a recount; she’s charging fraud or just wasting everyone’s time. So show the fraud, or stop wasting everyone’s time. Only stupid people could think there is any point to this (hey, look — here’s a Kos post on it to raise money).

This usually inconsequential judicial election became the last gasp of unions, and I think they’re just having a really hard time dealing with the fact that it’s over for them. They’re done. Might as well figure out what museum they want to donate their dinosaur bones to. And it was kind of mean how that election played out in that they thought they won and then — POW! — here’s 7,000 more votes. It’s like instead of just not getting a kid the toy he wanted, you get it for him, let him open it up and admire it, and then smash it in front of him. That’s always hilarious.

Well, look at a recount this way: It will be yet another opportunity to mock them for losing.

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Don’t Let Your Partisanship Become a Mental Illness

It’s kind of pointless to satire political extremists if you can’t find any target more vile than yourself.

So Wonkette mocks Trig Palin, and maybe it’s just a case of moronic partisan hatred getting temporarily out of hand, but then the editor for the site tries to defend it. In the fantasy world they’ve constructed, Sarah Palin is constantly using Trig as a prop and that’s what they’re outraged by. Of course, if she wasn’t ever publicly seen with Trig, you know they’d say she was ashamed of him. See, about 95% of everything the professional left these days screams about is just partisan BS, and when you see people act like utter sociopaths like the people at Wonkette, you start to wonder if they have any real human beliefs at all.

No joke, when partisan hatred gets you to the level of the people at Wonkette, you’ve gone from politically active to having a mental illness. They have a divorce from reality (see how much trouble they have at even understanding the outrage) and delusions (the whole made up belief there is some “cult of Trig” and Ken Layne lashing out at Tommy Christopher thinking someone must have put him up to being outraged) and are cut off from normal human emotions (you know, the sort of thing that would tell you, “Hey, maybe because I don’t like someone’s politics isn’t a good reason to attack their child with Down syndrome.”). Are any political views they hold — supporting abortion, wanting more taxes — really worth becoming this twisted?

And you shouldn’t just look at the left. It can easily happen to the right just as well. I try not to write out of anger myself, because the one thing to remember about politics is it is mainly just nonsense. It’s a silly faux-conflict we’ve been engaged in for centuries, and we will continue to go around in these circles for centuries more. That’s why the thing most worth making fun of in politics is the pomposity of it all. The sort of pomposity that makes you think you’re righteous mocking a defenseless little child.

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Random Thoughts

Seeing a group of lefties make fun of Trig Palin is too pitiful and sad a spectacle to make me angry. Those people need help.

You shouldn’t let your partisan views take you over to the point you become a sociopath.

It’s nice how Outsourced has that character Gupta they can turn to whenever they need to bring any momentum to a screeching halt.

Do people really not understand why Bristol Palin is a spokeswoman for celibacy when she wasn’t celibate? This isn’t a hard concept.

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