An Explanation of My Blogging

Someone commented this on a recent post and it kind of stung:

You already used the “smashing a kid’s toy” analogy about repealing Obamacare. More originality, please.

Yes, when I wrote it I knew I was repeating myself, but I just didn’t have any time to come up with a new analogy and it seemed apropos. Still, I’m a bit sensitive on my posting quality because I can’t really put the time time into blog posting on IMAO that I’d like to. With a full time job and now daddy duties, I really can’t devote more than an hour in the morning to blogging, so I try to do the best with that I can. That’s why I like doing the occasional longer piece for Pajamas Media, because when I get paid directly for a piece it’s a lot easier to justify devoting more time to it — though lately I’ve had trouble even finding time for that. Plus, a passion of mine even before becoming a blogger was to be a novelist, and I’m working to finally get one done and submit it (if some of you read Superego when I did that piece by piece on this blog, I’ve been reworking that into a full novel — there’s only a few sentence left from the original). So, any free writing time I can find, I really want to devote to that.

Anyway, all I’m saying is it’s hard, but I still do my best to blog every day. It’s not always up to my quality standards, but hey, it’s free and it’s there. And I hope to keep doing this until I repeat myself not out of laziness, but senility.

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Burning Marshmallow

Here’s some videos I thought I’d share. This first one is by Mary Katharine Ham, and it’s the last two years in Peeps:

That really makes me want to see what happens when you set some Peeps on fire.

This other video is from Andrew Klavan on how to behave during an Islamic massacre:

That really makes me want to see what happens when you set some Peeps on fire.

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The Left’s Problem with Trig

It’s pretty shocking the way some of the left seem unable to separate politics from basic humanity and thus we saw the spectacle of Wonkette attacking Trig Palin, but something we also have to recognize is how much Trig scares the left.

This was something I noticed right away when Sarah Palin came on the scene. One of the few things known about her early on was that she brought a Down Syndrome child to term, and you could see the panic in the left. This wasn’t just someone whose rhetoric clashed with them on abortion; this was someone who’s action was a condemnation of the policy they support that results in 90% of children like Trig being aborted. A lie the left like to tell themselves is that all conservatives are hypocrites and would make the same craven choices in the same situation, but they couldn’t tell themselves that with Palin. That’s probably why the Trig trutherism soon appeared out of desperation.

There’s no greater refutation of abortion than an alive child, and thus Palin holding Trig and smiling is almost like a direct assault to the left. And it’s not so much that they fear other people being convinced on abortion as they fear themselves being moved. Who wants to come to terms with how horrible the policy is they’ve enthusiastically supported? That’s why they like the term “choice” instead of saying “abortion”; they never want to stare it directly in the face for fear of what they’d see. But, again, the mere existence of Trig leaves them no avenue on this. And that’s why there is so much ire directed at Trig. It’s not misdirected from Sarah Palin; it’s target is Trig because he did the greatest offense by existing.

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Random Thoughts

I heard a kid was thrown out of school on Earth Day for wearing a shirt with a Mars flag on it.

Doesn’t celebrating the planet we just happened to be born on seem a little mindlessly jingoistic?

Earth Day Tip: Properly dispose of batteries by sealing them in a box labeled “NOT BATTERIES” before tossing them in the trash.

Earth Day Tip: Many species are now endangered, which means they have nothing to lose and are extremely dangerous. Kill on sight.

Everyone talks about making the earth green, but shouldn’t it, by definition, be in earth tones?

Earth Day Tip: Do what you can to protect earth’s most precious resource: Gold.

Do comic book superheroes believe in Jesus? Because people coming back to life is almost a mundane occurrence for them.

Superhero deaths are like celebrity marriages – it’s rare they last more than a year or two.

How has Hollywood not done another Gremlins sequel or remake by now? I mean, Gizmo dolls gotta be a cash cow.

There’s this new lawsuit alleging that soylent green is only 35% people.

Kia is Korean for “Hyundai”.

“Press * to repeat the menu options. If you have a rotary phone, then we don’t even want your call, you @#%& hipster.”

My favorite part of Portal 2 is how you can make portals between two places. No, wait, it’s GLaDOS.

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