Crowder and Hayek

It’s almost as if Crowder is pretending again he’s going to do a video every week. Here’s one on oil drilling and Brazil:

Crowder’s celebrity impressions technique sure has changed from what it used to be.

Also, there is now a sequel to the Hayek vs. Keynes rap battle:

You definitely learn a lot about the two competing philosophies. The lean towards Hayek, but they do give the Keynes arguments a fair shake so you can understand them both. This is probably the smartest I’ve felt after a rap song since the Humpty Dance.

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Superheroes and Patriotism

I'm a loyal American!Hello, Aquafans!

As you may have heard, Superman is renouncing his U.S. citizenship.

Frankly, good riddance.

You know, the main DC superheroes have never been good representatives of America. Superman has just always thought he’s better than everyone because he has pretty much every superpower (except he can’t talk to fish). And his alterego works for the New York Times or something, so he is just completely out of touch with the common man. Actually, the way he explained his decision to renounce his citizenship to me was, “Nobel prize winning economist Paul Krugman thought it was a good idea.” I swear the guy snorts white kyrptonite.

With Batman, you never see him waving the flag. That would just go against his dark persona he wants to keep up. What a disturbed little man; if he did get patriotic, he’d probably end up joining a militia or something.

Wonder Woman’s costume does make her look like she’s a patriotic stripper, but she’s actually part of some overseas feminist cult. She’s always ranting on and on about the pay gap between men and women. Hey! The Justice League doesn’t pay me at all!

Green Lantern is part of some intergalactic police force whose authority comes from… where? Weird little blue guys? I do not trust him. Any day now he could pull over the whole earth for speeding.

And the Flash… well, frankly, shouldn’t someone whose power is to run away really fast be more representative of France than the U.S.?

But, me, I was born in Maine and am a proud American. I even got my start fighting the Nazis. And though you might not always see it, I’m often wearing a flag pin. So you can always count on Aquaman to stand up proudly for the U.S. of A.!

Plus, Atlantis kicked me out.

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They Still Have Royalty?

When I heard that one of the princes in England was getting married, I just kinda shrugged and said, “Okay.” I didn’t know it was actually supposed to be a big deal. I mean, making big deals out of royalty — isn’t that for third world countries? Didn’t that go out of style when everyone got electricity and indoor plumbing? Plus, with the prince we’re talking about a possible king of England. Yeah, Britain used to be a big deal years ago with a giant empire, but now it’s more of little tourist island — a Jamaica with lots of boiled food. “Come gawk at how we still have royalty; how quaint is that? And look, they’re using a typewriter — double quaint!”

What does royalty even do in a modern country? If we had them in America, they’d live in Disney World and greet tourists. But in England it’s like a whole country trying to keep up a fairytale fantasy. I guess it’s tradition. Still, I hope they try to get some actual use out of their royalty — like maybe have them stand on the street corner and wave signs for local businesses.

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Random Thoughts

Buttercup always sleeps the most soundly when I put her to bed because nothing tires her out like a solid hour of screaming.

My favorite part of the chocolate peanut butter cup has to be either the chocolate or the peanut butter. I’m apathetic about the cup part.

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