Most Insane Obama Conspiracy Theory Yet

In my newest Pajamas Media column, I look into yet another Obama conspiracy theory, this one even more divorced from reality than all the previous.

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  1. Frank J., remember how last time I said that your column was even better than the column that I said was your best ever before that? Well, this one is even better. The build up and the punch line are a work of art.

    Here’s my conspiracy theory, which isn’t really a conspiracy theory if you study the loons that have surrounded Obama from birth to present. He’s a neocolonialist, and because America has been economically raping the rest of the world for over a hundred years, it is only fair to “adjust” America’s position with respect to the rest of the world. He and his conspirators don’t see that as loony, nor do they think they are harming the U.S. In fact, they see perfect sense in lending Brazil $2b for drilling while halting drilling here.

    It’s either that, or I’m buying into the rumor that Obama is a secret Scientologist. What else than frequent programming — perhaps during “golf outings” — could explain his whackiness?


  2. Frank pulled the pin on the kook grenade. Nothing sets a kook off more than shooting down their favorite kooky theory.

    You should have revealed the Truth Behind the Birth Certfifcate…it’s a fake. Obama was born on Mars.

    Good column, by the way.


  3. Frank, you should try and get this Flemming guy to write for you. Talk about a guy who can draw out the trolls and nutcases!! It makes me wonder when they have time to gnash and whine at the huffpoo when they wait at PJM to whine about Mr. Flemming.

    As a side note, no one seemed to refute the fact that those that think ubama is doing a good job are a bunch of sick twisted loonies!


  4. I have a newish conspiracy theory about the release of Obama’s long-form birth certificate, and this seems like the perfect opportunity to share! I downloaded the PDF when it first came out, and took a quick look with full version Adobe Acrobat (not Illustrator).
    It was kind of obvious that the image had been altered due to the lack of color change in some words. If you haven’t seen it, open the file with any PDF Reader and enlarge to 400%. My hope is that it was innocently altered to make it legible, not to change the information. A nearly 50 year old document is probably kind of faded.

    Hypothetical situation time (aka kooky conspiracy theory time). Let’s say you are a devious prick of a politician who was born in Hawaii. If you release an undoctored image, the issue goes away, and you get credit for putting it to rest. But being a prick, you hire other devious pricks to do bad things and not tell you about it. Your fall-guy ham-handedly doctors the image to “make it legible”. You still get credit for trying to put it to rest. But then serendipity! The innocent “legibility improvement” means a large percentage of your opposition won’t let go of their conspiracy theory, and they end up marginalized. You have plausible deniability. What could be better?

    The guy is wrong on damn near every issue. We should challenge him on
    those. That is where we will beat him. In the future, this issue
    will go away. Some states are going to require original notarized
    birth certificates before placing a nominee on their ballots.




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