Busy, Sleepy

Posted on June 1, 2011 12:12 pm

Not going to be able to blog today, so you can go reread my recent Pajamas Media Column and use this as discussion thread on Anthony “take pictures of my” Weiner.

Oh I wish I were Anthony D. Weiner
That is who I’d truly like to be
’cause if I were Anthony D. Weiner
I’d blame everything on a right-wing conspiracy.

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25 Responses to “Busy, Sleepy”

  1. Rock Throwing Peasant says:

    Most damning of all is that he’s NOT blaming the right wing.

  2. Crabby Old Bat says:

    Oh, I wish I hadn’t flashed my tiny wee-ner,
    On the Internet for all to see-ee–ee,
    Now they’re all laughing at my tiny wee-ner,
    I must pretend that it’s not really me.

  3. Son of Bob says:

    Let’s all just consider ourselves lucky that Barbara Boxer hasn’t sent any photos recently.

  4. Burmashave says:

    “I did not tweet my weiner to that woman, Miss Cordova.”

  5. Burmashave says:

    @Bob’s Son: I was just getting ready for lunch. Oh well.

  6. Joe Schmo says:

    So, the blog is going to be carried by the comment section, once again…

  7. Jimmy says:

    You mean “busy sleeping?”

    Frank, wake up and smell the coffee!

    This weener thing is so… adolescent. What a wanker that Weener guy is. I’m not going to make any comment about his penis in the underwear picture thing on, what was it?, Facebook? Or Twitter? Nope, no comment. I have nothing to say about Needle Dick Horshack. This guy is just a wee-wee bit to unimportant for me to waste my time thinking about it. Not going to do it. Huh, uh. No way. The guy’s a weenie.

    BTW, I’m having hot dogs for lunch.

  8. ussjimmycarter says:

    He’s on Twitter…shudder…He’s guilty!

  9. storm1911 says:

    On the leftie blogs Weinergate is a massive conspiracy by Breitbart, Palin, and Booosshh, carried out by the Impossible Mission Force.

    These same blogs state the only reason Herman Cain has traction is because his name sounds like McCain.

  10. Son of Bob says:

    I understand that – strictly as a precautionary measure – the democrat party is asking that WA Rep. Norm Dicks and MD Rep. Elijah Cummings temporarily disable their cell phones.

  11. Jimmy says:

    In German “ie” is pronounced as a long-e. And “ei” is pronounced as a long-i. And the W is pronounced as a ‘V.’

    So his name is actually pronounced like “Viner” auf Deutsch.

    So, would we be making the same jokes if we all spoke German? Or just be disgusted?

  12. Bubba says:

    5 stars just for the Oscar Myer jingle reference, otherwise not impressed with you going all hippy-slacker.

  13. Burmashave says:

    I’m not sleepy. On the other hand, I am agog. I know I shouldn’t be; however, just when you thought it couldn’t get dumber-er, New York State has decided to sue the federal EPA because the federal EPA is somehow not moving slowly enough on approving gas drilling in NY. Just a few miles south of where I type, gas extraction is going great guns in PA. If the mining companies could develop horizontal gas fracking and steal our gas, I wish they would. Alas, alack, we await moon-power.

  14. hwuu says:

    There ez no joking en German.

  15. MarkoMancuso says:


    I spent some time in the Genessee Valley last weekend. Judging by the conditions of the roads, etc, it appears to me that New York’s government is not only incompetent, but rather slow to do anything that might help the Republicans counties like Wyoming and Allegany. Shocking, I know.

    Meanwhile, down in Potter County, PA, one finds a number of “WELCOME GAS WORKERS” signs.

    Random thought: a Mockingbird started singing at 11:15 PM last night. He was still singing when I awoke at 3:30 AM. Most impressive.

  16. Crabby Old Bat says:

    @hwuu: Vee haff vase off making yoo laff!

    @Jimmy: If you’re going to go all Deutscher-than-thou on us, not only are “Weiner” and “Weiner” pronounced so differently in Germans as to be unrecognizable to English-speakers, “Wiener” doesn’t even mean hotdog (what we would call a wiener) in German. It means “person from Vienna” (which is Wien, in German). Der Wienerschnitzel doesn’t have anything to do with hotdogs, in German – it means, literally, “the Vienna [style] cutlet,” and refers to a method of breading and cooking veal made popular in Vienna. If you ask for a Wienerschnitzel in a German restaurant, you will be presented with a breaded veal cutlet, not a hot-dog or sausage. A “Wiener Wurst,” on the other hand, is a Vienna-style sausage – that is to say, a very small sausage similar in appearance to a hot dog (in America, you can buy tiny Vienna sausages in cans).

    And speaking of German restaurants, did you hear about the new restaurant that serves a fusion of Chinese and German cooking? The food tastes great, but an hour after you eat, you’re hungry for power. (Du! Lach sofort!)

  17. Crabby Old Bat says:

    OK, Weiner and Weiner should have been Wiener and Weiner (which would make a great name for a law firm).

  18. Jimmy says:

    Crabby – that’s why I like to convert all “ei” and “ie” words to “ee.” Ergo, “weener.”

    If you asked for a “Wiener Wurst,” it wouldn’t be the wurst thing you can ask for!

    Du! Du hast mich!

  19. Dohtimes says:

    Tweeting a pic of your underwear clad chubby to a co-ed : Stupid and probably expensive. Doing it as preemptive political suicide before the tweeted pic to a pron star of your chubby spearing a chicken gets leaked : Priceless.

  20. plentyobailouts says:

    So Crabby, are you saying the weiner has vienner, a vurst, or a cutlet?

    Fox new headline: Uncut weiner on Lewd Photo Flap

    Looks like Frank is conspiring with the nameless one to turn into a twitter user.

  21. ussjimmycarter says:

    All I know about wienergate is that someone is going to get the shaft! The whole situation is getting prickly! Soon it will be out of control and someone is going to get their eye poked out!

  22. ussjimmycarter says:

    I agree with Joe! So Frank J, sits back and rakes in like a gazillion dollars a day in fabulous advertising dollars from his blog and the only funny stuff is written by his readers. Umm…

  23. Burmashave says:

    @Crabby: Not Vienna sausages? (Properly pronounced Vai-enna sausages in the South.) The ones that are appetizingly bone white?

    As I see it, the name is his. He can pronounciate it any way he wants, and he chooses to be a weener. So shall he be a weener.

  24. Crabby Old Bat says:

    I guess all the eeny-teeny-weenie jokes are a bit culturally insensitive. After all, Horshak -er, Weiner can’t help it if his moyel was over-enthusiastic during the bris. Weiner is more to be pitied than censured, really. Oh, yeah, except for the part about sending the dick-pic to a woman young enough to be his daughter (and accidentally hitting “send all”). Carry on with the ridicule.

  25. Terry_Jim says:

    Looks like CNN will have a new commentator soon,
    maybe they’ll pair him with Spitzer.

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