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So default is armageddon, but actually having to cut spending is way way worse according to Obama?

I’m sorry, but there’s just no reason for book stores anymore; we have TV now.

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Nuke the News: Beware Job-Killing Strawmen

* So Obama had a press conference Friday, and it was pretty pointless — so he’s got a perfect record so far on that. One odd thing he said though was that 80% of people support tax hikes. Really? 80% of people are looking at what we have going on in the economy and saying, “We sure need our taxes raised to fix this!” Obama is always arguing against strawmen — made up opponents who exist only in his imagination — and now I guess he’s using made up statistics to defeat them.

But that wasn’t even the craziest thing he said. He also referred to “job-killing tax cuts”. Really? Tax cuts kill jobs? Well, Obama has never worked in an actual job, so maybe in his ignorance and fear of people who do useful things for a living he thinks tax cuts somehow lead to unemployment. “Yay! More tax cuts for the rich! That means more money for me to bury in the backyard and do nothing with! Why don’t I celebrate by firing people!” Of course, Obama’s own personal experience with rich people is, “Wow, another year of accomplishing absolutely nothing. I should write another memoir about it.”

* Obama says we don’t need a balanced budget amendment, because, you know, he’s doing such a great job of balancing the budget on his own.

AMERICAN PEOPLE: “Hey, Obama, we want you to balance the budget.”

OBAMA: “Okay. Here you go. It’s balanced.”

AMERICAN PEOPLE: “Um… this still raises the deficit.”

OBAMA: “I don’t get your point.”

AMERICAN PEOPLE: “Do you even know what a balanced budget is?”

OBAMA: “I reject the false choice between…”


Doesn’t look like we have much hope of Republicans doing it either because they always get too timid. I think the main difference between the two parties was that if there existed a button that one could press to balance the budget and make all the hard cuts need to reduce the government with no political backlash, one party one press it and the other would seal it in concrete and sink in the sea.

* According to a poll, 73% of Palestinians agree that Jews should be killed wherever they hide. Let’s give those people a state! Seriously, but can’t we make it more of a penal colony… like some isolated island they can’t get off of and only have birds and the occasional sea turtle to blow up? Just coming up with a peaceful solution, people, and when the problem involves people okay with murder, peace means isolating them away from others.

* Shelia Jackson Lee accused that the debt-ceiling debate is all about racism. Isn’t this like a modern day minstrel show these people who come on TV and accuse absolutely everything of being about racism? It’s nothing but laughable to 90% of the population now. So who is it that keeps electing Shelia Jackson Lee so she can publicly make a buffoon of her self? Must be people who really hate black people.

* Here’s some suggesting that that JFK was the worst president of the 20th century. That’s a pretty different perspective since liberals adore because they have all this folklore built up around him and conservatives tolerate him since he accepted the idea of raising revenue by lowering taxes. Plus everyone gives him some leeway for being shot in the head. Still, looking at the rest of his relatives, they’re not only people who shouldn’t have been in power, they shouldn’t have been mixing with the general population at all.

As for worst president of the 21st century, though, Obama looks to already be setting a pretty low bar for someone in the future to have to limbo under to win the title. Best president is pretty wide open, still. You just have to be better than George W. — which was way too high of a mountain to climb for Obama. Anyone want to try for that?

* So our women lost to Japan’s women at soccer, which is all the more depressing because it’s a women’s sport. It was 120 minutes with four goals (which is a lot for soccer), followed by an extremely anti-climactic shootout (not the cool kind with revolvers) that settled the matter in a couple pointless minutes. Still, if we had won the World Cup, I think that only would have extended American interest in the sport by about ten minutes, so I thought I’d give some suggestions to make the sport more interesting to Americans:

– Have the clock tick down instead of up — like it’s a real sport.

– Have Madden be a commentator. “Japan is trying to score a goal on the Americans; they’re going to want to stop that.”

– Since they can’t use their hands to move the ball, go ahead and put weapons in them.

How would you make soccer more interesting? Best answer wins… HIGH PRAISE!

* As for HIGH PRAISE for praising Nuke the News I reward it to Mxymaster who said:

I love Nuke the News so much that I love it even more than ice cream, and I love ice cream so much that I would eat it for every meal if I could, that I would eat ice cream in church if the pastor didn’t get all huffy, that I would eat a piece of newspaper off the subway floor with the words “ice cream” written on them and enjoy it. That’s how much I love Nuke the News. And ice cream.

I also like ice cream!

Myxmaster, you are the representation of all the potential man has.

Also, just for the heck of it, I’m going to award more HIGH PRAISE to Bantha_Fodder:

You’re the most awesomeness, Bantha_Fodder!

* Behold the 3D printer:

Good to know we’re making steady progress towards having Star Trek type replicators.

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Random Thoughts

I assume the reason there are no debt ceiling negotiations on Friday is because they were all going to see the new Harry Potter movie.

Know which Harry Potter character Obama reminds me of? Percy.

So has anyone ever bothered to inform electronics manufacturers that if you have a fat plug it can block other outlets?

Stoopid Palin; “un” and “de” cancel each other out. Her movie should just be called “Feated”.

A commenter insulted my intelligence but said I have “Chutes Bah”. Is that an alien from Star Wars?

If the US defaults on its loans, all of Congress and the president will be sent to debtors prison. IT WILL BE AWESOME!

Movie theater concessions must be what buying food is like in Europe.

“Do you have a Regal Club card?”
“No. I like to live off the grid.”

HARRY POTTER SPOILER: Snapes last words were: “Five points… from Gryffindor…”

For broadcast of soccer in America, can’t they just humor us and have the clock tick down?

Also, the could have Madden as a commentator to make it more interesting to Americans.

I’d say “anti-climactic” for the end of the Women’s World Cup, but that doesn’t properly express the level of buffoonery.

Well, Japan will appreciate the win more than we would, most of us not even knowing the World Cup was going on.

Horrible Bosses was very funny, but I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone who doesn’t like raunch. So I wouldn’t have recommended it for me.

Mosques seems like a separate issue from religious freedom because you don’t usually worry about churches being full of terrorists. But they’re not. Just wish we had a bit more extremism intolerance when it came to Islam. Hurts good Muslims when we tolerate bad. Like the guys behind the Ground Zero mosque; they had enough extremism links that they should have been shunned from polite society.

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The Queue Monster was fed

Friday night, we spent some time talking about how the ins and outs of the spam filters worked, and we tried something different. We actually tried to get caught in the moderation queue. And we made a game out of it.

Of the 100+ comments left, 44 were moderated.

MarkoMancuso got a total of 60 points. He found 5 words on the naughty list, and came up with 11 variations on those. Jimmy and MarkoMancuso each submitted a single comment that earned 15 points.

HIGH PRAISE to each! And a heartfelt thanks to all who played!

Now, what did we learn?

We learned that if we want to act like a bunch of 12-year-old kids, we can. And that it’s easier for some than for others to act that way.

We also learned that we don’t always know what’s going to get caught in moderation. When we don’t want to get moderated, we sometimes do; when we want to get moderated, we don’t always get moderated.

We saw how things that aren’t naughty and don’t look naughty can be flagged as naughty anyway.

Will we use what we’ve learned? Probably not.

Can we use what we’ve learned? Absolutely! And we can go through the Harvey-Frank-Basil cycle of dealing with liberals.

When dealing with liberals, we can choose our words carefully, as Harvey does. That gives us an advantage when dealing with them. If we improve the number and quality of words we can use, it’ll shut them up.

If it doesn’t, it’ll make them really angry. Then they’ll call you a racist. That’s when you can punch them in the face, as Frank commonly suggests. And that should end the discussion.

But, just in case it doesn’t, and they come back at you, do what I do: beat ’em with a stick. That’ll shut ’em up. If it doesn’t, get a bigger stick. And hit harder.

See? Use what you learn here and you can’t go wrong.

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Anchors Aweigh!

Frank J’s always going on about how he wants the Army to have dinosaurs with rocket launchers to protect American freedom and as an added bonus kill foreigners.

Which, as a good patriotic American, I’m all for, but as a Navy veteran, I feel… overlooked. Granted, since the Soviet Union fell apart, and they were really the last country with an actual navy, there’s not much for the US Navy to do. I mean, other than play tag (as seen in Fred Thompson’s documentary, “The Hunt for Red October“).

Sadly, the Navy has withered away to a sad collection of floating airports & missile silos. Hell, our last real naval battle consisted of us giving the Iranian navy dirty looks until half of it sank due to flooding from the collective pants-wetting of its crews.

But all that is about to change. I bring you the new glory days of the US Navy…

Dinosaurs with rocket launchers… riding sharks:

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Keith Olbermann: The Lost Months

New Crowder video guest staring Hannah Giles, Michelle Malkin, and Andrew Breitbart. Did you wonder what happened with Olbermann between when he left MSNBC and sorta returned to the air with Current TV? Neither did I; I was just happy not to be bothered with him. But here it is anyway:

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Feeding The Queue Monster

Sit back. We’re going to talk a little shop. Then we’re going to play a game.

Once upon a time, way back when Frank J. first started doing his blog thing, things were simpler. Not just in the world we live in, but in the world of blogging. Then, people discovered how to spam blogs using comments. And, some people were simply asses and left naughty comments.

So, blogs started using spam filters. Some worked really poorly, and others worked even worse. And, depending on what platform you used — Blogger, MovableType, WordPress, or something else — you either had no option, or limited options.

Today, though, things are a lot better. And most blogs that run WordPress — including IMAO — use Automattic’s spam filter Akismet. But WordPress has customizable settings that can affect how and if comments post.
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Nuke the News: Not Yet Taxed

* So the U.S. defaulting is supposed to be super bad. Well, there is the possibility of a temporary deal out there that will prevent default… though that means this whole debate will come up again in 2012 when it will be super inconvenient to point out once more how Obama can’t control his spending. Anyway, Obama has said absolutely no to a deal that doesn’t get him past the election. So Jake Tapper called WH Press Secretary Jay Carney on this, asking whether default is really preferable to a deal that only goes to 2012. Carney said he couldn’t say which was worse… though couldn’t explain how a temporary deal was so horrible.

This is a lie of course. The truth from Carney would be, “Of course we would rather have a default than a temporary deal that doesn’t go to 2013, because a temporary deal would hurt Obama’s election chances, and hurting Obama politically is way worse than default. It’s way worse that the country getting nuked. Obama would rather a 9/11 style catastrophe every single day until November rather than lose power. I want to look the American people in the eye and make this clear: We would rather see you all dead and dying than give up power.” To which I hope Jake Tapper’s response would be, “Thank you for you candor.”

* A generic Republican is now 8 points ahead of Obama in the latest Gallup poll. Like I’ve said before, we need to get a guy in a Mexican wrestler’s mask (might help appeal to Latinos) and run him as “The Unnamed Republican”. Is there anywhere in the Constitution that the president has to be identified? Probably, but whatever — that can just be interpreted away.

* Pelosi compared Obama to Job. People seemed to assume she meant Job from the Bible, but maybe it was Gob Bluth from Arrested Development because that actually really fits. I mean he was inept at everything yet was very arrogant and extremely entitled. And he rode around on a dorky scooter. Actually, I don’t think I’ll be able to see Gob Bluth again without thinking Obama. “Really, Cantor, you’re going to tell the guy in a $5000 suit what to do about the debt? Come on!”

Actually, it would be pretty awesome if instead of playing “Hail to the Chief” when Obama entered the room, they instead put on “The Final Countdown.”

* San Diego is thinking about getting a cat tax. Basically, you’ll have to register your cat and pay money to the government. Needless to say, an idea like this could bankrupt crazy cat ladies everywhere.

So how does someone come up with something like this? Are they just sitting around brainstorming “What haven’t we taxed yet?” Or maybe it was more of an emotional thing. One guy was just tired of having to scold his cat for scratching the furniture for the umpteenth time and finally yelled, “That’s it! I’m taxing you! You’re taxed!”

* I saw Google News has added a new thing: Badges. You read enough news in a subject, you level up your badge. So, by reading enough news you could have like a bronze badge in the Middle East, a silver in the Economy, and a gold in politics and such. Actually, all they’ve given me is a video game badge so far. I’m not really sure what the point is and how that will affect the news when I increase my rank, but I better go level it up just in case.

* Here’s an image of the Spider-man costume from the new Spider-man movie:

Since this is going to be a reboot and thus start with an origin story again, does that mean we’re going to get a long scene of Peter Parker dying and sewing together a bunch of basketballs to make his costume? I mean, it looks like his costume was made to solve the problem of bad guys not being able to get a good grip on him.

* Think Progress had a funny tweet: “Today’s GOP makes George W. Bush look positively moderate”. What would be like the equivalent from us? “Today’s Democrats makes Joe Lieberman look positively moderate.” Anyway, just more evidence that liberals don’t understand conservatism enough to rage against it accurately. I think they just define conservatism as “whatever I currently hate”. The current is important; that’s how George W. Bush can be Satan one day and then the “good one” when he’s no longer a political threat. On the other hand, conservatives actually have a coherent philosophy that isn’t just about mindless partisanship — which is exactly why liberals have a lot of trouble understanding it.

* So what do you guys think of this feature so far? It takes me a while and leaves no time for any other posts, but I kind of like it. So how are you guys liking it? Whoever tell me they like it the most wins… HIGH PRAISE!

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Random Thoughts

Has Palin ever said anything dumber than Obama’s “Don’t call my bluff.”?

Did Pelosi compare Obama to Gob Bluth? I can see that.

So Sen. Reid is threatening to blow up schools if he can’t raise taxes?

Rumor has it that Obama will finally apologize for his presidency at his press conference this morning.

Obama likes to be the smartest one in the room, which is why he hates it so much when squirrels sneak in through an open window.

Liberals are very conservative about conservatives. It’s always the conservatives of yesteryear who were the good, reasonable ones.

I think conservatives are much more consistent in despising liberals of the past and present.

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How we got in this mess in the first place

This is a true story. And as I lived it, I came to realize that it’s a good example of just how our country got into this financial mess.

It’s my own mini, but true, version of Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House and it started a few weeks ago. Wife was inspired. She decided that we needed to paint the bathroom walls. She wanted to change from a blue-scheme wallpaper to green painted walls. So she picked out some $40-something a gallon Martha Stewart paint.

Turns out the paint didn’t go on the walls. It went on the base paint. That was around $20-something a gallon. So in order to cover the walls, it was actually $60-something a gallon.

After the walls were done, the floor didn’t match. Because they were a blue theme, those cheap floor tiles had to go. Wife wanted wood floors. So, that’s what we got. I lost count of how much the wood, stain, polyurethane, and all such cost. But it did look good.

But now the vanity top didn’t match. It was blue. So, she picked out a new one. A white marble top with a molded sink. A little over $200. And it looked really good.

That meant we needed to change the faucet. The old one didn’t look good with it. Really, it didn’t.

So, she found one. It’s oil-rubbed bronze, or Venetian bronze, or Tuscan bronze, or some sort of bronze or something. And the spout looked like an old-style hand pump spout. And it was a little under $200. But it looked really good.

Of course, that meant that the drawer handles, door handles, and hinges on the vanity cabinet didn’t match. So we had to find new ones in oil-rubbed bronze, buy those, and replace the old ones. The hinges were hard to find. I had to order them from a place in Spokane, Washington. Which jacked the price of the 4 hinges up from under $4 to about $20.

Oh, and the towel rack needed to be replaced so it would match ($43). And the hand towel rack ($21). And the toilet paper holder ($21). And the bath robe hooks ($25).

And the door stop. And the door handle. And the door hinges. And the handle and hinges on the bathroom closet door as well. That all totaled around $80.

And the light fixture didn’t match. But a new one that did ran $99.

Oh, and the shower curtain rod. Needed one that matched. It was $50 for one that was the right style and color.

Remember the new white marble sink? Now the toilet didn’t match. So, we had to replace it. That was around $240 for a chair-height, elongated, dual-flush white toilet.

Then, of course, we had to get new bath rugs and accessories — fuzzy mat outside the tube, fuzzy mat in front of the vanity, the little fuzzy thing that goes around the toilet base, and a fuzzy toilet seat cover — and towels and such. Which together totaled a little under $200.

If you’ve been adding all this up as we’ve gone along, you’ll realize that we passed the $1,000 mark some time ago. And that’s only because we did the work ourselves. Well, us and one of the sons-in-law.

What we ended up with was a lot of work and a lot of money spent. But it all matches the shower curtain.

The shower curtain? Yes, the shower curtain she bought on sale for $10 from the K-Mart a while back. We did all that painting and replacing stuff so the bathroom would match a $10 shower curtain.

And that’s how the country ends up spending too much money on stuff.

Of course, now you understand how one thing leads to another, and that good intentions can end up with unexpected consequences and unexpected expenses.

The difference, though, is that we didn’t decide to begin a series of things that cost way too much money and have you pay for it. We paid for it ourselves. So, it’s not a financial impact on you. And we aren’t passing the debt along to your grandchildren.

The government, who has even less sense than we do, ends up spending 130 times as much as it should on stuff — but they make you pay for it.

It makes you want to beat a politician with a stick.

I don’t have a stick. But now I got a spare shower curtain rod. It ought to do the trick.

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