Comparing Obama’s Performance to that of a Sack of Hammers

In my new Pajamas Media column, I apply the Coolidge Test to Obama – compare whether a sack of hammers would have done better than him in the various problems he’s faced. You may be surprised by the results… but probably not.

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  1. Other things that would have done better than Obama:

    The usual:

    * A box of rocks
    * A bag of nails

    But consider these:

    * A compost heap
    * A basket of dirty, baby diapers
    * A crock of kimchi gone bad
    * A ‘bag-o-glass

    Of course, the exact comparisons for these would be different than a sack of hammers, but the results would be much the same.


  2. Marko,
    New England still does. Obama is nooooooooooooo New Englander!
    I think there are still a couple Adams descendants in the Boston area. Maybe we could convince one of them to run?


  3. “There was a time in this country when a ‘gay liberal’ was a happy person who opposed tyranny.”
    I don’t know if Frank has the authority to award “High Praise” over at Pajamas Media, but that comment deserves it, IMaO.
    Oh, good article, Frank!


  4. Hi, Frank:

    I read your commentary at ‘Pajamas Media’ and am somewhat reluctant to point out that ‘a sack of hammers’ may have a too rustic, American Gothic, yet violent, nay ‘clingy’ tone attached to the phrase.

    Perhaps, something more ‘hip’ and ‘Simpsons’-ish might be more appropriate for the scared of their own shadow, Kumbaya left?

    I posit ‘an inanimate Carbon Rod’


  5. Uh, oh. We may be in trouble, boyos. Against my better judgement, I read the comments. Many were actually funny. Nearly all of comments displayed an understanding of sarcasm and humor. Soon, Frank J. may no longer need us.

    On the other hand, one commenter claims that only “Fleming-ites” could understand the humor.



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