IMAO Reader Theater: Government Unions: Fighting for You!

From Hart of That Hero:

[YouTube direct link]

At the Academy Awards, I expect it to get nominated for “Best Use of the Word ‘Something'”.

By the way, if you actually live in Ohio and Senate Bill 5 affects you, or if you’re simply amused by crazed public-sector-union grandstanding, Hart’s got the low-down.

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  1. Any MLB press teams looking to snatch up that man with the golden voice had better hurry! Phone’s been ringing off the hook.

    Thanks Harvey! If any of you characters would like to follow me on Teh Twitterz, I’m @jasonahart.


  2. I’m gonna say “yes” on that. I know he’s done quite a few lolterizt/obama entries. Sadly, he’s been too wrapped up in local politics to have fun lately.

    Curse those public-sector unions! *shakes fist*


  3. Can we all pitch in and run this on Current TV and watch the heads explode? It won’t cost much because they aren’t on many cable systems and have few viewers. Bravo from here as well !!!


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