Random Thoughts

“Obviously this is a terrorist training center.”
“Were they learning to make IEDs here?”
“No, they were learning how to use Quicken.”

If only terrorists can have balanced budgets, does that mean we’ll eventually have to go to them for loans?

When I saw a headline “Amazon Battles States Over Sales Tax”, I expected the story to be about Sarah Palin.

Forgot that I wrote a column comparing liberals to terrorists. Of course, it was satire.

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  1. So conservatives fight terrorists and liberals call them terrorists, conservatives fight nazis and liberals called them nazis. Clearly, what we need to do is condemn puppies before the next election. Before long, liberals will start raging about how tea partiers are exactly like puppies. Then the people who don’t actually read the news, but still vote for some reason will be like ‘Tea party people are like puppies? Well, I sure like puppies, I guess I’ll vote for them.”

    We don’t have to worry about liberals catching on to the plan, they don’t actually think before acting, that would be what the terrorists want them to do.


  2. Here’s the problem Frank. Liberals don’t know the difference between reality and fictions so I’m pretty sure satire is wayyyyyyyy beyond them. After all their form of comedy consists of ad hominem attacks, lame abuse and sick humor. Intelligent humor doesn’t compute for them sadly enough.



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