IMAO Reader Theater: The RadicAlphabet

From Les of Brick Moon:

[YouTube direct link]

Inspired, Les tells me, by the story of the OWS losers foisting commie children’s literature like “Tales for Little Rebels” on their kids.

As someone who knows the challenges of poetic satire, this one really impressed me – he managed to keep his rhythm & rhyme very consistent (as well as under the PG-13 mark), and there were some second lines where the rhyming word he used took me by surprise (in a good way). I love that. Also, he didn’t cheat on the X-word by using a word that begins with E (an all-too-common workaround used by lazy people).

Anyway, you should probably watch this now, so you can say you saw it before it went viral – which I rather suspect this has a good shot of doing, since it’s timely, topical, creative, and well-crafted.

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