Liberal logic

You’d think after a while, I’d get used to liberals saying and doing stupid things. But, I really don’t get used to it. It still amazes me that people can be so stupid and still manage to walk upright.

It’s sort of like a Road Runner cartoon. Wile E. Coyote thinks he’s a “Super Genius” but comes up with some hair-brained plan that ends with him ordering rocket-powered roller skates and blowing himself up or splattering himself against a canyon wall.

You know he’s going to do it. You know his logic is flawed. But you enjoy watching him make an idiot of himself time after time.

Watching liberals is that way. Except, Wile E. Coyote was a creation of the hilariously twisted minds of Chuck Jones and Michael Maltese. Today’s liberals? Living cartoons, except there are too many of them running loose, with way too many holding elected office.

Still, there’s a little bit of that “watching the Coyote” thing that keeps me paying attention to what liberals say and do. Their logic is … Wile E. Coyote-style Super Genius.

For example:

  • Liberals think that early snow and cold weather is a sign of Global Warming ™.
  • Liberals believe that conservatives who support Herman Cain do so because conservatives hate blacks.
  • Liberals think that Americans shouldn’t own guns, but think it’s okay to run guns to Mexican drug lords.
  • Liberals believe that the TEA Party is bad because they could be violent, even though they’re not violent.
  • Liberals think that the Occupy groups are good, despite their violence.
  • Liberals believe that the solution to problems caused by government is more government.
  • Liberals think that killing an unborn baby is fine, but executing a convicted killer is bad.
  • Liberals believe in Affirmative Action, in which blacks are treated different than whites, because blacks have suffered in the past by being treated different than whites.
  • Liberals think you shouldn’t impose your morality on them, while imposing their immorality on you.

Despite the obvious fallacies in their logic, liberals get up every day, try to live according to these beliefs, fail miserably, and then do it all again.

Liberals. Super geniuses.

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  1. Liberal Russian Jew refugee logic: Escape the Soviet Union with your parents in the 80’s to get away from the communists who hate Jews so you can someday vote for a communist who hates Jews.

    Suburban elitist liberal logic: Pay 30% more to live in a town without those people then voting for the black half black guy to show how non-raaaaacist you are.


  2. “The definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” — Albert Einstein

    “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. ” -Benjamin Franklin

    I found both of those looking around the web and I wonder if they both actually said them?

    But how true. However, doing the same thing over and over and expecting the same results – now that’s engineering! (Okay, I need coffee…)


  3. To watch liberals fall over themselves as they try to paint Cain as the result of Tea party racism is to understand that for liberals, theory always trumps empirical evidence. Always.

    Did I say “always?” I meant always, immer, siempre, toujours. Always.


  4. Liberals believe that racial diversity is a great thing but that Europeans coming to the Americas was a crime against humanity.

    Liberals believe that Mexicans settling illegally in the U.S. is OK but Israelis building settlements in their own country should be illegal.


  5. People, please…the Liberal “Climate Paradigm” has shifted. The focus is now on “climate change” not mere “global warming”. One must keep current with their silly equivocations and conceptual vacillations. I believe it was back in the sweltering days of July that some vaunted Liberal expert in all things (((Science!))) prognosticated a marked drop in average daily high temperatures before the year’s end. He was correct, and we must bow down to his foresight. Now let NostraHeineken take a shot at predicting that, by June 2012, we will witness a marked uptick in daily high temperatures from our currently low daily highs. (((Climate Change!!)))


  6. As good as this post was, and enjoyable as the commentary has been, I watch Romney continue to do well in the polls and see the Republican Coyote headed out to check that bomb that didn’t explode with his five pound hammer…


  7. That’s HARE-brained, not hair-brained – as in possessing the brains of a hare, an animal which has also been insultingly characterized in the phrase “mad as a March hare.” Of course, in cartoon world, the hare-brained Wascally Wabbit and the bird-brained Road Runner are far more intelligent than the acknowledged Soooooper Genius, Wile E. Coyote. He attended Acme University, after all. (But don’t ask to see his transcripts.)


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