Nuke the News: Is Gingrich Fading?

* Is the Newt Gingrich surge already over? A poll had him neck and neck in Iowa with Ron Paul (come on!) and another now shows him behind Mitt Romney.

It’s like people were drunk with the idea of a fun Newt Gingrich nomination and now they’ve began to sober up and say, “Maybe this isn’t the smartest idea.” Gingrich is like an unstable substance that’s bound to explode, and the only question is where. We’d like him to blow up our enemies, but he’s just as likely to explode in our faces.

So that leaves Romney, the perennial second choice. The thing is, when people’s first choice flames out, they don’t move Romney up, they just find another first choice. But maybe people are out of alternate first choices now.

* I’ve head some rumblings about Jeb Bush jumping in the race. That would be last minute, but Republicans are looking for a hero to swoop in and save them and I don’t think they’re too picky about who. When the situation is really dire, you feel lucky if even Aquaman shows up to help.

* MSNBC accused Romney of using a KKK slogan. Except he never really used it (and I haven’t actually seen proof it was a KKK slogan). Here’s the man bites dog angle to the story: MSNBC actually apologized. Is it really a good idea for MSNBC to now apologize for mindless Republican bashing? That will cause their channel to be half-Republican bashing and half-apologies.

* And Romney isn’t getting much help from FOX News either. Here is a graphic from FOX News of the Republican candidates, and they used Obama’s picture for Romney. A subtle commentary? Who knows. Maybe next time they could replace Ron Paul’s picture with Jack Kevorkian’s.

* Obama and the Democrats have dropped the demand for raising taxes on the wealthy. They really wanted that because… I’m not sure. They never seemed to care before at having a deficit, and they can’t even make an argument how higher taxes would help the economy. It’s just kind of a suicidal devotion to class warfare. I would like to not have to care about Democrats driving a car off a cliff, but we’re always trapped in the back seat.

* Obama is trying to collect your email address. He’s asked the few dimwits who still listen to him to turn in emails of Republicans so he can then pester them or something. And maybe also he’ll want Republicans’ favorite blogs so he can troll in the comments. Isn’t it really enough he’s destroying the economy; does he really have to personally annoy each and every one of us too? Someone needs to get the guy a hobby. What’s something even stupid, useless people can do?

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  1. Jeb Bush? I’m thinking that since our current POTUS was elected largely in part because of the anybody-but-Bush mentality, Jeb might want to re-think this. The campaign slogan, ‘I’m not George’ probably wouldn’t work for the voters or Babs.

  2. As much as I personally like the Bush family, I think we’ve had enough. One more in the White House would be creepy.

    Let’s all kick in to get the president a model train set and a little windmill, like the ones on farms. Tell him when he can get the latter to power the former 24/7, we’ll let him build his stupid wind turbines and high-speed rail.

  3. Romney: Look, I don’t think it should be a sin, just for saying “Keep America American”.
    [Everyone gasps]
    Thomas Roberts: You’re only making it worse for yourself!
    Matthias: Making it worse? How can it be worse? Keep America American! Keep America American! Keep America American!
    Thomas Roberts: I’m warning you! If you say “Keep America American” one more time (gets hit with rock) RIGHT! Who did that? Come on, who did it?
    MSNBC Viewers: She did! She did! (suddenly speaking as men) He! He did! He!
    Thomas Roberts: Was it you?
    MSNBC Viewer: Yes.
    Thomas Roberts: Right…
    MSNBC Viewer: Well you did say “Keep America American.”
    [Crowd throws rocks at the stoner]
    Thomas Roberts: STOP IT! STOP IT! STOP IT RIGHT NOW! STOP IT! All right, no one is to stone _anyone_ until I blow this whistle. Even… and I want to make this absolutely clear… even if they do say, “Keep America American.”
    [Crowd stones Thomas Roberts to death]

  4. What’s something even stupid, useless people can do?

    Win a Nobel Prize.

    Be named Time magazine’s “Person of the Year.”

    Be awarded a college degree.

    Occupy productive people’s property.

    Vote (proof of citizenship not required).

  5. What’s something even stupid, useless people can do?

    Write a blog?

    What, too harsh? Alright, I’ll come up with something else then. How bout a reality show!

    Keeping up with the Obamas
    19 new taxes and counting
    Flavor of socialism
    Survivor: Government Spending – (the twist is, no government spending ever gets voted off)

  6. I had a cold over a year ago.

    After a year of good health, I caught one again four days ago.

    According to Demlogic, I have been sick for over a year, which is why I should support them in their efforts to nationalize our health care system immediately.

  7. A while ago, I followed a link to win dinner with the Obamas. I figured if I won, I could measure his head for a bucket. The were asking for a $3 contribution to the campaign to enter the contest. Since the law apparently requires it, they had a link enter the contest without making donation (just like every contest – no purchase neccesary). After giving them my email, I followed the link expectedly to a dead end – I could not enter without purchase! But I wasn’t suprised.

    So I am now on his campaign’s email list – as a supporter! Like they say,”Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer!” I’ve recieved about 3 spams a week from the cult, always asking for $3. Its real sickening the language, lies, and misdirection contained in the messages they send to their base. Its more sickening to me that these sheeple are licking it up. The email from Smoot that the link takes you to is really over the top, asking me to donate to Obama in a republican’s name and annonymously send them a message to . I about fell out of my chair laughing my ass off.

    I think I will take their advice, and donate to a conservative’s campaign in a lefty’s name, but I will gleefully let the simp know that they inspired me to do it.

  8. I think people are much too close to the brouhaha to see the overall pattern. Though it’s not my preferred outcome (alas), there are definitely worse possibilities: President Romney. It’s just a matter of standing back far enough to see the trajectories.

    In the mean time, I bow to the humor of the Cat. Well played.

  9. People seem to think we evangelicals are suspicious of Romney b/c of his affiliation with the Mormon church.

    It’s his association with Massachusetts that is suspicious. How could anyone those people would vote for be good for America?

  10. People seem Liberal media wants America to think we evangelicals are suspicious of Romney b/c of his affiliation with the Mormon church. -FIFM

    What the liberal media doesn’t mention is that of the candidates, Romney’s Mormon beliefs are in some ways a plus for him with respect to Christian evangelicals because Mormons and Christian evangelicals share many of the same personal and moral values.

    Evangelicals learned their lesson with Carter. Being an evangelical is by no means the most important criterion when choosing a president.

  11. “What’s something stupid worthelss people can do?”

    Write apologies for MSN, of course ! Come on people, the man has spent the last 3 years of his life showing us how well he can do apologies !

  12. Clemsnman,

    I’ve been to New England (Maine). The family my family stayed with took us out on their lobster boat and I watched as the husband and father (Who happens to be a Republican, but that’s not the most important part) worked and took legitimate pride in it because of the heritage, because of the scenery, because of the honesty of it. In short, I believe I saw the real New England; the Joshua Chamberlain New England, the Richard O’Kane New England, and the Calvin Coolidge New England – the one that contributed so much to this country. I can’t tell you how much I wish that the rest of the region – the majority, sadly – would wake up and see themselves for what they are, their region for what it is, and their country for what it is: Americans!

    But I guess that last part applies to the whole country, doesn’t it?

  13. Maybe Gingrich likes to think of himself as a “classical liberal” in the old tradition.

    At any rate, Frank, he is fading – among the historically Conservative base of the Republican Party.

    And I suspect the historically Conservative base of the Republican Party is also fading…

    …as identifying themselves as ‘Republican.’

  14. Please, PLEASE, can somebody explain to me why the Republican Party insists on letting Iowa choose their Presidential candidate? Iowa has gone blue for 5 out of the last 6 election cycles (that’s 24 years, right?). And Iowa’s gone from 8 electoral votes in that same time to six in 2012 so their influence is declining too. Guess that fits with the strategy of having MSNBC manage the Republican debate process, though. Sheesh.

  15. This isn’t much of a hobby for him but I hear Moochelle painted a Hawaiian beach scene upside down on the inside of a bucket, wrapped it up and left it under the Kwanza bush with a note to open it on Dec 17th.

  16. I am a bit tired of the ‘media’ and their ‘polls’ telling me who can’t beat Obummer, when common sense tells me that anyone can beat this traitor-in-chief.
    Whoever gets the Republican nomination will beat him, unless Soros pays someone (Trump?) to run third party. Clinton won with only 43% of the vote. No one should be allowed to be our President with less than 50% of the vote.
    I am conservative but I will vote for anyone who opposes this anti-American.

    That reminds me: A communist, a Muslim and an illegal alien walk into a bar…. the bartender says, “What can I get you, Mister President?”

  17. I’ve said this before, but I really don’t understand why Frank hates Ron Paul so much. He seems like the most likely candidate to nuke the moon. Also he has the whole not Romney thing going for him too. I’m not actually a Ron Paul supporter; it just seems odd to me that Frank doesn’t like him.

  18. Ahh yes the nazi card is pulled. I suspect if you dig deep enough some Republicans somewhere are collecting Dems. e-mail and IPs, not just e-mail address. And you dumb @$$ “Republicans” still vote for things like The USA-PATRIOT Act, NDAA, and SOPA while he’s still in power! You’re getting what you asked for.

    So does this guy really think he holds the high moral ground by writing a blog that claims it is “holding the white house to account”, when it is really just another forum for right-wing Obama bashing?
    I love the fact that you Drudgies get so worked up into your like-minded fervor over something so innocuous. The Obama campaign could get any email addresses they’d like through a simple information broker. These people exist and are, so far, the most repugnant job holders in the country. They purchase your information (like the information you gave to comment on this board) and compile it into demographics and sell them in bulk.

    Obama is not a marxist. Neither is he a socialist. He is basically the best moderate Conservative President since Clinton. There is no proper left left in American politics. There is a moderate conservative party and a radical conservative party. That’s it. Anyone who thinks Obama is a Marxist is basically a brainwashed moron suffering from decades of red scare propaganda. Spud used to hate such fools but now finds only pity, just like Doug the racist over there.
    by the way! Nope. He’s just stuck between a rock and a hard place. He can’t get anything done with the disfunctional congress and the republican party would rather destroy our country than to allow Obama to succeed. BTW, I’m not an Obama supporter. I’m just calling it like I see it. clearly the republicans are better at destroying the economy than Obama is at fixing their messes-so vote republican, right?

  19. Nancy Pelosi just said that extending unemployment benefits will create 600,000 jobs! My brain is falling out through my nose! It just can’t take any more moron! Everyday it is bombarded with moron and it is starting to melt!

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