lolterizt! Part 149

Posted on January 17, 2012 9:32 pm

This week terrorists, next week That One. Submit for either at

Meanwhile, pass ’em around, spread the love, and if you make your own, don’t be shy about dropping a link to your pics in the comments. The more, the merrier.

NOTE TO READERS: Hovering your mouse over the picture activates closed captioning for the l33t-speak/txtmsg impaired.

This section is all me (Harvey):

[reference link]

[reference link]

[reference link]

My favorites from the submissions using last edition’s uncaptioned picture:

From Arik:

From Arik:

[reference link]

From Arik:

From Arik:

[reference link]

From BillyRayBob:

From James:

[reference link]

From Mike:

[reference link]

From me (Harvey):

[reference link]

This week’s uncaptioned picture for you to play with:

Arik for “soy un perdedor”. I’ve heard that song a million times, but never knew what they were singing in that part.

I wish I could give it to me for “The Aristocrats”, but I doubt you guys are that innocent.

What say you?

#1: When creating lolterizt! pictures, please caption with either black or white text, as colors like red and yellow tend to blur badly when I compress the images.

#2: Standard image size for these posts is 350px wide by whatever high. If you can have your images 350px wide before you caption them, I won’t end up shrinking your captions into illegibility when I re-size the images.

MAKE YOUR OWN: The free lolbuilder from I Can Has Cheezburger.

STYLE NOTE: Short captions are usually better. Your goal is 10 words or less, with humor value tending to increase exponentially as the number of words approaches 1.

HAT TIP: Brian of Snapped Shot‘s magnificent EvilFeed – the world’s best source for ripe-for-captioning terrorist photos.

Send your submissions to and – if they aren’t obscene (IMAO is a PG-13 site) and don’t suck too terribly bad – I’ll post them for you. Remember to include your name (and blog URL, if applicable) so I know who to thank.

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6 Responses to “lolterizt! Part 149”

  1. Larsinkima says:

    Meep Meep, good one Harvey. I think he was getting ready to pee on that fire.

  2. Jimmy says:

    “They’re small but big enough to pee on de Jooooos!!”

  3. Peregrine John says:

    Yeah, hard to choose – loads of obscure funny in this batch.

  4. Ernie Loco says:

    Sorry Harvey, the Aristocrats is not nearly obscure enough (no matter how much I wish it were).

    I think my favorite is the Lady GaGoat.

  5. Basil says:

    The two I had to look up were the “Loser” and the “Jazz Dancing.” After seeing the references, I gotta go with the Jazz Dancing one as more obscure, because, even after looking it up, I still don’t know what the heck that is.

    Maybe I just live a sheltered life. Except for knowing the Aristocrats joke.

  6. Harvey says:

    Basil, you’re probably right about Jazz Dancing. I’ve stumbled across or overheard a good number of technical dance terms in my life, but never “ball change.” I had to look that one up.

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