Game over, man

It’s over.

Mitt Romney has wrapped it up. He won Florida yesterday, and that means there’s no chance for anyone else in the GOP race.

Newt Gingrich supporters? Hate to break it to you, but it’s time to pack it in.

Rick Santorum followers? The writing’s on the wall.

Ron Paul supporters? The nurse will be by shortly with your medications. And a fresh supply of tin foil.

The 2012 Republican primary season is done. There’s no way anyone can catch Mitt Romney. Just look:

Graph from The New York Times


After the big win in Florida, Mitt Romney has 71 delegates. He only needs … let’s see, 1,144 to win, minus 71 already won, leaves 1,073 … Oh. My. Goodness. He only needs 1,073 more delegates to win.

Let’s look at the upcoming primary calendar, do the math, and see where things stand.

If Romney wins every delegate in every race, he would surpass the magic number of 1,144 as early as April 3.

What about Gingrich? If he were to somehow win every delegate in every state from here on out, he wouldn’t reach 1,144 until April 3.

Rick Santorum? Heck, if he won every delegate in every upcoming race, he wouldn’t hit 1,144 until April 3.

Ron Paul? Well, if he went on a winning streak and won every delegate in every primary and caucus, he wouldn’t pass 1,144 until April 3.

So, there you have it.

Romney can mathematically wrap this thing up in just over two months, on April 3, 2012. That’s a done deal.

Meanwhile, none of the the other three could lock it up until April 3, 2012. And that’s an impossible task.

Hey, don’t get angry with me. Numbers don’t lie.

Newscasters and party establishment will, but numbers won’t.

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  2. Just another example of why I hate the media and the idiot talking heads who are calling this race over. But who I hate even more are the morons who buy into the fricking media narrative. Anyone who’s main reason for picking a candidate is “electability” needs to be dragged out back and beaten senseless.

    Man! Stupid people piss me off.


  3. *ahem* “whose,” not “who’s”.

    *drags himself out back to be beaten senseless for horrible internet grammar*


  4. @Ernie Loco: The Grammar Police are outraged that you administered your own beat-down. Wildcat strike!!!


  5. Basil, please don’t trample on the Constitution. There’s a separation of facts and politics that is clearly spelled out in the Constitution, right after the part about the black woman in Florida being entitled to a new kitchen.


  6. “Math is a wonderful thing. Math is a really cool thing. So get off your ath, let’s do some math. Math, math, math, math, math.”


  7. The Republican Master Control Program says “Game Over”.

    Tron Paul will just have to shut down the RMC Program then.


  8. I also am sick of hearing undefined terms like “electability”.
    No one who uses it ever defines it.
    If it means “whoever has the most money to spend on a campaign” then we’re all screwed because the waste of air in the White House is supposed to have a billion in his war chest and all the boot-licking media support he wants.
    If “un-electable” means no more than “not my first choice” then there is still hope we might get a good man who will remember who he’s supposed to be working for and will be a clear contrast to the aforementioned waste of air. *cough-(Rick Santorum)-cough*
    Thank you Basil for your refreshing statistical analysis!



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