Link of the Day

[High Praise! to Ed the Pastor]

Sooper Mexican’s title is self-explanatory:

The Sooper Guide to “White Hispanic” Skin Color for the Gringo Media!

Bonus link [High Praise! to Chris]:

Moon Formation Theory Challenged by New Study

For some reason, I kept thinking of this scene from “The Empire Strikes Back,” except with the part of Luke being played by the moon, and the Earth as Darth Vader:

[YouTube direct link]

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  1. Those are sooper good painting colors! Thanks, Ed and soopermexican.

    Sooper High Praise to sooper dupor Ed the Paster.

    And Chriis, your link just proves that the Moon should be nuked soonor rather than later. You deserve “Lunar Praise” from somebudy… like Frnak, maybe.


  2. Speaking of Ed, has MSNBC’s Ed The Talking Horse’s Ass Schultz become the Joseph Goebbels of the Democrats’ Propoganda Ministry? It would be an understatement to say that he so devious, insideous, deceitful and disingenuous that he doesn’t have any credibility, absolutely none whatsoever.. He and MSNBC’s Al Sharpton could be the same person. They’re despicable.


  3. mmmmm Latte!

    We could watch the moon nuking together. Then she could go to the kitchen and make ma a taco.

    mmmmm taco.



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