Nuke the News: Things Not Looking So Good for Obamacare

* Mitt Romney was recently described as an Etch A Sketch, but over at PJ Media I pick out which toys the candidates are most like.

Ron Paul is like Dungeons & Dragons. It’s this game a few people are highly devoted to and spend all their time playing, while most other people look at them as a bunch of weirdos.

Go read and discuss amongst yourselves.

* Oral arguments for Obamacare continued yesterday, and many people think the lawyer for Obamacare, Solicitor General Donald Verrilli, choked. A number of people compared him to the public defender from My Cousin Vinny. The liberal Justices seemed to be trying to help him along in his answers to keep him from embarrassing himself.

Paul Clement, arguing against Obamacare, had gotten pretty much universal praise for his performance. When he spoke, the liberal justices started shrieking, “No! Nasty limits to government power! Keep it away!” There is already talk of building a monument to him for saving American liberty.

Then again, no one is ever sure these oral arguments make much of a difference. Everyone is mainly just listening to what the judges say to get an idea where they are… with special attention to Kennedy. And the chance for Obamacare being overturned on Intrade was at 30% but is now to over 55%. And Dems are already spinning how having Obamacare struck down would be the best thing ever for Obama’s reelection chances (how could having one’s signature, yet extremely unpopular, legislation struck down as unconstitutional be anything but good). Still, I don’t think we get the final decision until June. Hopefully on my birthday.

* Romney is building a new house, and it has a car elevator. I don’t know why this is news. I guess we’re supposed to react and say, “Grrr! He’s rich! Let’s be whiny and hate him!” In the time it takes you to read about Romney’s car elevator, the government will waste far more money than that cost — except, unlike Romney, they won’t be spending their own money.

Really, I wish that anyone in America who whined about someone else spending his own money were fired out of cannon into Canada. It would a special “Whiners Deportation Cannon”.

Okay; it would just be a normal cannon.

* Rick Santorum is slipping in the polls in Pennsylvania. If he can’t win his home state, things don’t look good for him… except things already don’t look good for him as there is already no fathomable scenario in which he gets a majority of delegates. But not winning PA would make things look extra bad. So I hope he loses big.

Just end this stupid primary! Please!

* Wisdom of the Day from David Burge (yeah, I know I quote him yesterday too):

The Constitution: a pre-existing condition that doesn’t cover Obamacare.

* Fox is planning on releasing in July a Ben Stiller comedy called Neighborhood Watch, but decided to pull the trailer because of recent events. Apparently a lot of the humor in it is about accidentally shooting minority children in hoodies. Bad timing.

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  1. “The liberal Justices seemed to be trying to help him along in his answers to keep him from embarrassing himself.”

    How could he possibly NOT embarrass himself, when he’s standing before the supreme court trying to pretend that the most unConstitutional piece of “legislation” in our nation’s history is actually legal.


  2. “Romney is building a new house, and it has a car elevator. I don’t know why this is news.”

    I guess this 12 million dollar renovation was just something that Romney couldn’t possibly live without – certainly it couldn’t wait a few more months until after the election. Because there’s sure no way that democrats will use this against him in the election to show how removed he is from the average American. Another good move by out-of-touch elitist Romney. But, thank God he’ll finally have his new car elevator. What a douche.


  3. I saw rumnay on Jay Leno last night, now I remember why I am no longer a Republican. But he is still less of a dooshe than the idiot currently occupying the White House, but it is close.

    Why didn’t a real American like Jim Demint run for president?

    I am not sure mitt for brains elevator goes clear to the top. But it will hold two cadilacs. I guess mittens like gubmunt motors.

    We need an automatic whiner deportation cannon (WDC). But instead of canada, we can aim them for russia. As despicible as canada is, do they really deserve our marxists?


  4. “So that’s what Barack Obama is: a couple trillion dollar pair of X-Ray Specs. Great toy choice, America!”

    Piece.Of.Junk. Soon to be stepped on and crushed by Romney’s dog.

    “* Romney is building a new house, and it has a car elevator.”

    Now, if he was installing a dog elevator for the top of his car, that would be expected.


  5. Don’t you get it? Handsome millionaire, car elevator…?

    MITT needs the car elevator for when he has to switch out his regular Cadillac for the BATMOBILE! Sure, he’s a little older, and can’t bust hippies’ jaws as well as he could back when he was collaring the Riddler and Blockbuster and that bunch, so he’s decided to run for president. That’s why he’s sometimes not too good on answering weird media questions; he’s thinking, If I had my mask on, kid, you’d be spittin’ teeth after I went all Gotham on you. He may take a poke at Obama during the debates. Then we’d all be glad he’s the nominee.


  6. It’s not the car elevator that makes me jealous. It’s the Loop-De-loop driveway.

    I hear the garage is configured like a giant Pez dispenser with Henry Ford’s head on top.

    At this point Mitt could collect every car AMC made while his dad was in charge of it. Not one of each model, but every single car.

    Now that Obama has set the precedent, Mitt feels he needs a good garage to work on the next GM car, the Bodanker. Its gravity powered.


  7. As far as kids games go, Newt is Jarts. Exciting but dangerous. And with that one plastic fin warped over a bit you have no way of knowing when it is going to veer off dangerously.

    Rick Perry is a paper cap gun. Much anticipation and excitement before but then it doesn’t fire when you pull the trigger.

    John Huntsman is Math flash cards.

    Michelle Bachman is a toy whistle. Gets your attention the first time or two, but mostly annoying after that.

    Herman Cain is Slot cars. It could of been very exciting if you could just of kept it on the track.


  8. What does the internet think of…
    Rick Santorum – 94.6% positive.
    President Santorum – 76.2% negative.
    Mitt Romney – 57.8% positive
    It seems the internet cannot decide what to make of President Romney.

    We’re screwed. 🙁



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