Dogs Against Obama

The inevitable website, Dogs Against Obama, is now a reality, featuring items such as this:

Fair warning, it can get… indelicate… there on occasion, so look over your shoulder before hitting the link and make sure there are no kids or bosses lurking about.

[Click for more “Obama Ate a Dog” humor]

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  1. Was the site always out there, or did it just spring up over night?
    I mean, the story that he ate dog was out there, ever since Bill Ayers wrote it for him, years before he ran for present, but it didn’t get legs until now?
    Tomorrow the line will be, “Ok, the spouses, children AND pets of candidates are off limits for comment (And bodyguards, political appointees, frequent visitors, billionaire cronies, foreign agents……)


  2. First post on April 17th links to the Daily Caller dog-eating story.

    Just another capitalist looking to cash in on a trend while it’s hot.

    Entertaining, though.



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