Last of the “Obama Ate A Dog” jokes

It’s time for the “Obama Ate A Dog” jokes to end.

Not because the jokes aren’t funny. Some are.

Not because he didn’t eat a dog. He did.

But because now Obama is telling them:

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Obama doesn’t do something unless it’s way too late or it was a bad idea to start with.

Well, there is the whole Leon Panetta and Hillary Clinton make it happen over Valerie Jarrett’s objections, but this doesn’t fall into that category.

No, this is definitely Obama deciding to tell an “Obama Ate A Dog” joke. Which means it’s time for them to end.


So, here’s your last chance. Share your favorite “Obama Are A Dog” joke.

[Click for more “Obama Ate A Dog” humor]

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  1. Somewhere this morning I read a comment that said,

    “If the joke had been funny you may have had a point, but making a joke that alludes to dog eating, cannibalism, and oral sex is a tasteless attempt at humor and certainly didn’t inoculate him from this and perhaps reignites the story.

    I’m so glad we have a person with dignity, integrity and manners in the White House. Hopefully the president won’t eat him.


  2. Well, there is the whole Leon Panetta and Hillary Clinton make it happen over Valerie Jarrett’s objections, but this doesn’t fall into that category.

    You know, I can’t remember the last time that there’s been any mention of Valerie Jarrett in the press (or television, etc.) As far as I can tell, she still
    has the same job (whatever that is). Has Obama realized that she’s terribly unpopular? If so, when will he realize that he and everybody around him
    is also terribly unpopular?


  3. Well, it doesn’t go away, it just takes on new meaning. While it may not be as funny, you must be sure to remind any potential Obama voter of one simple fact that will still win any argument: “Obama ate dogs.”


  4. With the typo in the last sentence, you may have inadvertently started a new (albeit grammatically challenged) meme: “Obama Are A Dog.”

    This could be more fun than the rumors that Obama is a Kenyan, a secret muslim, or worse — a Democrat. If Obama is/are a dog, then that would also make him a cannibal. Because, you know, he ate a dog.

    Let the “dog eat dog world” jokes commence…


  5. Don’t let Obama up. He’s distracting us from the real story: the origin of Obama’s executive super powers.
    Now’s the time for details.
    What are the (possible super) powers one gets from dog-o-phagy?
    Do different breeds give different powers?
    Was Obama fed poodle and told it was pit bull?
    Is a side of retriever to blame for his need to chase that damn golf ball all day?

    “Federal Family Guys”
    scene: Chewie as Hillary, Brian as Obama

    Brian: “But I want to shoot bin Laden.”

    Chewie; “Look, Brian, a ball!” (throws golf ball out door)

    Brian: “Oh no” (goes to fetch ball)

    Chewie: (shouts after him) “Don’t worry, we’ll tell you when he’s dead.”


  6. If we have a person with dignity in this White House, it’s probably the guy who cleans the cans. It certainly is not the first family, the vice-first family, any of their advisors, or the secret service guys.


  7. We could always go the serious route and equate his dog eating with his policy. We don’t eat dogs, we redistribute your whelps to the needy stomachs of Americans. Not a scandal, just our Fast or Dead and Furry-ous program. Keep your bicuspids and give us your canines Fee Dental Care.


  8. WOW!! Did you notice MEchelle’s reaction to the joke !!?? Her face went completley under her hair like an Old English Sheepdog !!! When she re-emerges, she has her best “Oprah” face on.. Love to see the “body language expert” Tanya Rinman (spelling?) do an evaluation of THAT clip on Bill O’Reilly !

    ….HMMM…How does he know a pit bull is tastier than a soccer mom ?? Just sayin’….



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