Link of the Day: Avatar Fails the Noble Savage Test

[High Praise! to John]

Ok, this piece has words that only grown-ups should use, even in the title:

The Na’vi From Avatar Are Ass****s

However, it is also well-written, insightful, entertaining, and includes non-sweary bits like this:

The Na’vi are presented as enlightened, not because they found a way to successfully blend nature and technology, but because they’ve never developed technology, or moved beyond the aboriginal level. In reality, there’s nothing especially noble about never moving past the third-world. Ask the kids in Africa. Ask all the people throughout history. Do you know what the treatment for appendicitis was, up until the 20th century?


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  1. Just for the record, Avengers is getting all sorts of praise from pretty much everyone who’s seen it. Battleship looks like the most retarded board-game-based-movie-concept they could come up with, including the rumored upcoming Candyland.


  2. But maybe it’ll be cool like Independence Day, only with battleships instead of fighter planes? Dennis Quaid could save the day as the crazy old crab fisherman who rams his boat into the alien dreadnaught at the last second while screaming “I’m baa-aack!” It’s Summer Blockbuster season – CGI, explosions, full orchestra and girls in bikinis – eat your popcorn and let your mind go blank for 90 minutes or so – aah, bliss!



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