Link of the Day: World’s Biggest Spud Gun

[High Praise! to Les of Brick Moon]

VERA Super Spud Gun

No confirmation on whether it’s related to any other firearms named Vera:

[YouTube direct link]

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  1. Probably not. According to a post at Makezine, the rules are that the pumpkin guns can only use compressed air, and they’re designed to more slowly accelerate the gourd, to keep the projectile intact. VERA uses combustion and propels its projectiles past Mach 1, which would probably result in pumpkin pie filling before it reached the end of the barrel.

    But I’d bet that if you soaked it in liquid nitrogen for a while, it would be fun to watch the impact a supersonic solid squash would make. Call me, Mythbusters.


  2. I miss Firefly. It had great writers. Shows need more lines like, “My days of not taking you seriously are certainly coming to a middle.”

    Also, the plot lines are much more plausible than the stories the White House have been telling us.


  3. I love how the very first comment at the link posted that clip from Firefly, and then all the rest of the comments were talking about how awesome Firefly was, and not the actual real life giant potato cannon.

    For the umpteenth time: Curse you Fox for cancelling Firefly after just half a season!!!



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