Now the animals know: Obama ate a dog

It is no longer a secret to the animal world. They know the truth: Obama ate a dog.

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Now that the animals know, what will they do? Will plagues descend upon this nation? Frogs, lice, flies, locust…?

All because Obama ate a dog.

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  1. The Hebrew word transliterated “ken” found in Exodus 8:16,17,18 as well as Psalms 105:31 and Isaiah 51:6, is usually rendered as fleas, lice, gnats (or gnat-swarm). King James (1769 edition upon which Strong’s Concordance was commonly based) used lice, and so did I. But fleas works, too.


  2. “Happy Birthday, Buttercup” is in the choices at the end.

    And then, after you play that, “Herman Cain’s Answers IMAO’s Questions” is a playable choice.

    Not bad. That’s IMAO on YouTube!



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