Nuke the News: Keith Olbermann Is Hard to Work With

* In my new New York Post column, I talk about what a great new future we’ll have with the government being able to force us to buy stuff.

What if someone in the government buys the new Adele album and decides it’s just so good that everyone should buy it? I know some would resist, but then they’d buy the album and listen to it and say, “Wow! This is good. Thank you, government!”

Congress is so great with the federal budget, they really should be dictating more of our personal ones.

* So what’s the state of the Republican primary? Romney hasn’t sewn it up, but pretty much everyone assumes it’s going to be him and thus are starting to rally behind him. Rick Santorum is trying to convince everyone it’s not over. Newt Gingrich is trying to convince people that too, but I don’t think he even believes it anymore. And Ron Paul… well, he’s Ron Paul. He has kid of a love/hate relationship with reality.

So how are things looking with Romney versus Obama? According to a new poll, Romney is trailing in the swing states thanks to women voters. I thought no one was dumb enough to fall for this “War on Women” nonsense, but I forgot about women and their flighty brains. Why again did we give them the vote?

* Keith Olbermann was fired from Current TV. Olbermann just doesn’t seem to get along with other people. Do you ever notice how these crusaders for the common man like Olbermann and Michael Moore seem to be huge jerks to everyone actually around them? How much can they really care about people if they look down on them so much and treat them like garbage?

So where does Olbermann go from here? I don’t even know of a channel more unknown than Al Gore’s Current TV. I guess he can start a free podcast… until iTunes drops him.

* Canada is ending the Canadian penny. I always found those fascinating because it was neat to hold in your hand something worth less than a penny. Of course, now it’s about worth the same… though perhaps soon to be collector’s item after being discontinued.

So should America do the same and get rid of its penny? I just use a debit card; I barely ever have any cash on me anymore so I don’t really care. Going to be loss jobs for the makers of those “take a penny leave a penny” dishes, though.

* Wisdom of the Day from Political Math:

If you play Olbermann’s career in reverse, it’s the story of a jobless man who rises from a lowly Internet channel to a prime-time talk show

* There’s a rumor that the next Playstation won’t allow you to play used games. There was a similar rumor about the next XBox. This seems like a really stupid move. Especially since they already have a system to get people to buy games and not be able to resell them: downloadable games. If they don’t want people selling used games, they should just move more towards offering games through download and no one would know the reason they were doing that was to stop used game sales. But if discs suddenly stop working when put in another system, gamers are going to be outraged. Are the companies really going to be this stupid? Whatever happened to sneaky capitalism?

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  1. I can tell you the last bit is absolutely untrue. Rumors are flying around about all the consoles coming out even though the companies said new ones aren’t likely on the table until 2014… and likely not out until 2015 or 2016. There’s also rumors the next Xbox will require a constant net connection to be functional.

    Either way, not likely in the slightest.


  2. Why again did we give them the vote?

    Aristophanes answered that question in his play Lysistrata. It explains everything about why men do things for women (or at least it explains
    everything about why I do things for women).


  3. Can you imagine yourself being so loathsome that your peers would actually prefer to work with a creep of the first order like Eliot Spitzer?

    Maybe Olbermann can work for Huffington Post where their motto is “publishing you is payment enough”. Until they figure out that publishing is overpayment in Olbermann’s case.


  4. Game publishers figure that since they are bigger than movies they deserve more profit protection schemes than the movies. But as they can’t get the government to do it (as the government is hostile to games), they get the console makers to do if for them (and it doesn’t hurt that the console makers concerned are also publishers).

    For some reason gaming journalists somehow think this isn’t a bad thing, if they don’t flat-out agree with the publishers that used game sales are some sort of evil (GameStop maybe, but that’s just one company).


  5. current tv only exists because they managed to weasel their way into the basic subscription packages of Disk, Direct and some cable systems. uberstupid did nothing for them. I read somewhere that reruns of eggshell semi-gloss had better ratings than their number one show.

    Wow, canada has its own money. Who knew.

    “Why again did we give them the vote?”
    It was the democrats first step in destroying a once great nation.

    We need to declare war on women. The first step is to quit paying for contraception. The second is to outlaw automatic washing machines.

    “So what’s the state of the Republican primary? Romney hasn’t sewn it up,”
    I hope Ralph Nader runs. I need someone to vote FOR


  6. No, keep the penny. Because if the US gets rid of it, everyone will round prices (and probably taxes as well) to the next five cents. (Ninety-six cent soda refills become one dollar, et cetera). As happened in Europe, no one will round down.



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