Volunteers Wanted: Obama Ate a Dog Singalong Project

Innomonatus is taking the whole “Obama Ate a Dog” thing in a new and interesting direction:

I’ve just started on my next parody song, “We don’t eat dogs” to the tune of We Are the World… It would be EPICALLY AWESOME if everybody in our little corner of the blogosphere contributed a line or two, as was done in the original.

Basically what he’s asking for is volunteers to record themselves singing a couple lines. He’ll write the lyrics and do all the mixing. All you have to do is make a tiny little audio file & email it to him.

And don’t let lack of singing ability stop you. Remember, Bob Dylan sang in the original “We Are the World”, and that man couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket with a forklift.

Details here.

Tell him Harvey sent you.

[Click for more “Obama Ate a Dog” humor]

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  1. Did you ever hear the original?

    I don’t think being in key was one of the requirements.

    Again – they invited Bob Dylan.

    Anyway, direct all serious questions to Innomonatus at the link in the post.


  2. Chris Anarchris Karma
    They’re friends of children
    we like it when they bark, when their tails are wagging.
    OBAMA ate one, the worst President-lets make sure he takes a hike this coming fall.
    … they play with children
    we like it when they think we threw the ball.
    OBAMA ate one, that really makes me sick!
    lets make sure he takes a hike this coming fall.


  3. We don’t eat dogs
    Or bugs or ti-gers
    We are the ones who cherish children’s lives
    And not a-bor-tion
    A different “choice” we’re making
    Defending freedom with our lives
    We also know grammatically,
    It’s you and I


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