And the Award for Most Inappropriate Use of a Superhero Goes to…

The guy who thought this was a good idea:

Yeah, it’s an Iron Man scooter.

Part of my soul just died.

[High Praise! to Technabob]

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  1. the image works now. I would suggest you go back through the last months worth of articles because this has been a problem for at least that long.


  2. At least they didn’t do that to a GS or Rally Vespa! Riceburner twist-and-goes lend themselves to being ghey-ed out like that, Lambrettas and Vespas don’t.

    (I could, however, see a Zundapp scoot being “Iron Manned” and not looking shameful.)


  3. abrown28 – Some kinda weird server glitch. I could see the picture from my laptop (where I did the post from), but not my desktop.

    I re-uploaded the picture. Should be visible now.

    If not, click the Technabob link

    See, people? This is why you should always include source links 🙂


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