Isn’t This a Sign of the Apocalypse?

The New York Times saying nice things about Ronald Reagan and Republicans.

Well, indirectly.

They actually quote the Russian immigrants in New York who said the nice things (via NewsBusters):

Another inspiration for their conservatism, scholars and political professionals say, is the legacy of President Ronald Reagan. Kalman Yeger, a campaign manager for Lewis A. Fidler, a city councilman and Mr. Storobin’s Democratic opponent in the State Senate race, said many Soviet immigrants never lost their gratitude to Reagan for his role in the collapse of Communism in the Soviet Union. His 1987 exhortation to Mikhail Gorbachev that he tear down the Berlin Wall still flutters hearts in Brighton Beach.

“The Republican Party was the party that brought them out of despair,” Mr. Yeger said.

As Yakov Smirnoff once said, “In Soviet Russia, you get the hell out of there and move to a free country.”

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One Comment

  1. Yes this does sound like blasphemy by the NYT. However I don’t think we need worry too much unless they print something nice about GW Bush. If that ever happens their masters over at the DNC will need to launch a full scale investigation…and conduct a house cleaning purge of the editorial staff.



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