Link of the Day: Best Life of Julia Parody Ever

[High Praise! to EdthePastor]

Sadly, you’ll need to slog your way through the original first to fully appreciate this, but it’s worth the brief suffering.

The Life of Julia Under Obama and Mitt

I found the 37-year-old panel particularly amusing. YMMV.

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UPDATE: Linked by Liberal Whoppers

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  1. If Obama had a nation of dependents, it’d look like Julia.

    Please tell me you put a link to YMMV just to be ironic and not because people actually ask you what it means.

    Which reminds me of this “old” joke:

    Mom: what does IDY, LY, TTYL mean?
    Me: I don’t know, love you, talk to you later
    Mom: Fine! I’ll ask your sister!


  2. Obama already has a nation of dependents (and if he had a daughter many of th…oh wait, he does)

    Sorry, my computer refuses to go to anything Obama.anything, must be my anti-communist software and I had no idea what YMMV meant….. : |


  3. Razor – not ironic, I just like using reference links when I can imagine that it’s reasonably possible that some of the readership may not know what I’m talking about.

    The thing is, “your mileage may vary” hasn’t been used as a car-commercial disclaimer in about 30 years, and back then it was never abbreviated.

    Basically its a courtesy so that people who don’t know the acronym don’t have to Google it to look it up. Just click.

    For PIAPS and SCOAMF, though, they’re on their own.



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