Wisdom of the Day: Goodbye, Detroit

Posted on May 30, 2012 1:00 pm

From Fred Thompson:

Population plummeting, Detroit to turn off half of streetlights to save money. Last one out of Detroit, please get the rest of ’em.

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14 Responses to “Wisdom of the Day: Goodbye, Detroit”

  1. hwuu says:

    At least in LA you can sleep on the street without freezing to death and getting eaten by bears. Detroit is the tragic combination of Unions, Liberals and Hard freezes. If you are going to build a liberal dystopian Utopia, you should at least do it below the frost line.

    Someday after all the unions and liberals abandon Detroit we can turn it into a nice winery or something.

  2. Boletus Maximus says:

    That is just Detroit’s way of celebrating 50 consecutive years of having a Mayor from the Democratic Party.

  3. CrustyB says:

    I was going to suggest we go “Escape From New York” with Detroit and convert it into a crumbling, savage wasteland primarily inhabited by criminals. But that would be redundant.

  4. Jimmy says:

    Leave the city standing and let’s turn it into a real, live – and life-threatening – game with armed participants:

    “The City of DOOM!”

    …complete with monsters we get to shoot with BFG’s. I’ll bring my double barrel.

  5. Son of Bob says:

    “Last one out of Detroit, please get the rest of ‘em.”

    Why are we letting them out?

  6. Jsmith says:

    Is the Robocop patrolling there yet?

  7. DamnCat says:

    So now the city’s streets are as dim as its elected officials and its prospects for improvement.

  8. FormerHostage says:

    All they have to do is to tax the rich…anyone making over $250,000 a year!
    How about $200,000?
    Oooookaaaay, let’s go for $100,000.
    Huh! $50,000?
    Are you $#!tting me?
    They’re screwed!

  9. FormerHostage says:

    I know! Fence the entire area and open up a Hobo Hunting Preserve!

  10. DamnCat says:

    @FormerHostage – And having half the streetlights out makes it sporting too!

  11. MarkoMancuso says:

    “Take him to Detroit!”
    “Anything but that!”

  12. Hammy says:

    And Marko rocks the “Fistful of Yen” reference. He used total concentwation.

  13. spacemonkey says:

    Why’d they nickname Detroit, Motor City? Cars have engines, vacuum cleaners have motors.
    Kiss called it Detroit Rock City, seems more correct. Lively as a rock.

  14. seanmahair says:

    Apparently one can get a house in downtown Detroit for about $600 even. So this is what 40+ years of democratic minority leadership looks like, eh?

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