Link of the Day: 10 Gloriously Horrible Obama Dog-Eating Puns

I’ll probably never stop being amused by this topic.

Should’ve left that sentence out of your book, Barack.

Obama’s Favorite Foods

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  1. Waiter: “Mr. President, what would you like for lunch today?”

    Obama: “Hot dogs!”

    Waiter: “Very good sir. Excellent choice.”

    Obama: “Thank you!”

    Waiter: “Sir, you have a choice of Wiener, Bloodhound and Yorkshire sausages today. Which would you prefer, sir?

    Obama: “Bloodhound, I think.”

    Waiter: “And would like like a dash of Pomeranian cheese on it, sir?”

    Obama: “Yes, I hear that’s good. And bring me a glass of Dogue de Bordeaux right away.”

    Waiter: “Absolutely sir! Chow Chow, Mr. President.”

    (Meanwhile, the President smiles and drools while snacking on a plate of deep-fried dog ears.)


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